27 years after the last Film: So has Linda Hamilton in ‘Terminator’ fit

With her role as Sarah Connor in ‘Terminator 2: day of reckoning’ has Linda Hamilton cinema history as one of the first Action heroines, and also as the ultimate Fitness icon.

Now, the now 63-year-old mother of two, plays the role once again: tough, uncompromising and heavily armed. Their Motto: first shoot, then ask.

FIT FOR FUN: What was the feeling, after so many years in a traditional role to hatch?

Linda Hamilton: Brutal. It was to train a lot harder than it for 27 years. Because my body has changed.

I live in this very relaxed way of life in New Orleans and no sports to deliver maximum performance. Now I had to after all the years once again, ran really.

I got mine in the truest sense of the word, for a year, the asshole trained out of … (laughs).

FIT FOR FUN: What happened to your butt?

Linda Hamilton: you will not believe it: When the shooting started, you found that I so much trained that I little ass had. So we had to get a bit more ass in my pants.

He would later appear on the canvas a little more voluminous than it actually was. With what little Tricks we have been working, but it remains my secret.

Which actress you say, your ass must be fat. Usually, it is always Vice versa.

FIT FOR FUN: What was the Training and preparation for their role as the greatest challenge?

Linda Hamilton: There were an infinite number of challenges. But particularly demanding Training with the weapons was, because a lot has changed since ‘Terminator 2’.

There are other weapons that are types with which we deal differently, you think quite differently, and fires. This is very challenging, because muscles have a memory, in terms of movements.

But the “moves”, which had noticed my muscles were no longer up to date. So I had to forget everything and re-learn.

Before-and-after-comparison: These Stars have successfully removed

FIT FOR FUN: How have you motivated yourself?

Linda Hamilton: you have me in the desert in Texas, 15 kilograms of weapons-draped, with which I then handle should be, and I said: Forget it, I’m going with those heavy things not even out of the car.

I then trained as a lunatic, because in front of the camera everything has to look casual and self-evident. Luckily we had Jack, these fantastic trainers from the Army Rangers.

He has practiced with me, the movement, with him I have worked most closely together. I even gave up my expensive Suite, and I’m in a cheap room changed, so we had more money for Jack, and my Training with him. It was more important to me than luxury.

FIT FOR FUN: a Lot of the Stunts you have made. This is certainly not without preparation.

Linda Hamilton: Clearly, this was extremely hard Training with the Stunt coordinators. I have also trained with military instructors, and even had to take scuba diving lessons, because we have turned under water.

Below, I have brought me an ear infection. And the Dumb thing was that we took after a scene in which I had to the most of the time upside down on a rope to hang. A total of three weeks, have used this scene.

At some point you’ve got this Label: Linda Hamilton, the badass Action heroine. With such things I can not do much, actually. But at the end of the filming I had the feeling, the title I deserve (laughs).

FIT FOR FUN: How have you managed, once again, the necessary muscle mass to develop?

Linda Hamilton: for A year I worked like an animal. I thought, if I invest as much as 27 years ago, I in muscle building to the same results.

But that was an Illusion. Because it doesn’t work anymore in my age as in the past. The aim was that I should increase five per cent muscle mass.

FIT FOR FUN: And how did you do that?

Linda Hamilton: We have different things tried, and I’ve finally cream with bio-identical hormones used. It’s a little bit of testosterone in it, too much. We were very careful.

Muscle-wise it had the desired effect. But they went a different impact. Eventually, I sent my doctor at two o’clock in the morning text messages.

Who harassed his doctor in the middle of the night? That’s real Macho-behaviour (laughs). Because I thought that’s how it feels to be a guy.

Bettina Aust

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