WWD Asks: How Will You Use IGTV?

WWD asked beauty influencers about how they plan to use the newly launched IGTV. Here’s what they said: Remi CruzInstagram Followers: 881,000“YouTube is my first priority. I’ve been thinking about cross-promoting — maybe a quick cutdown and promoting a little teaser . It would be great for more casual — like fitness or cooking, a little more short and less produced.” Marianna HewittInstagram Followers: 809,000″IGTV should still feel native to Instagram, but should feel like you’re watching a video.” Katie Jane HughesInstagram Followers: 146,000″I’m going to focus on more mini tutorials that are easy to watch, still snackable, but more informative and always with the idea of problem solving behind it.” Chriselle LimInstagram Followers: 1.1 million”With IGTV we will continue to create more of the organic content that my Instagram followers love seeing, and will also play with the idea of reviews and tutorials.” Militza YovankaInstagram Followers: 942,000″The videos that I’ll post on IGTV will be shorter and straight to the point. I think IGTV will be perfect for daily, short vlogs.”

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