This Pool Float Is a Game Changer for Anyone With Big Boobs

If you have small breasts, you may have a hard time understanding the challenges larger-chested ladies face when it comes to finding the right bra or even lounging poolside. Larger breasts often need to be adjusted or positioned in a certain way (hello, uncomfortable side boob), making it hard to find a comfortable lounging position at the beach or pool.

This past April Fool’s day, the UK lingerie company Bravissimo wrote on their social networks that they were developing a pool float with room for your boobs. Even though it was a joke, the Internet was there for it: Soon enough, comments from hundreds of enthusiastic women poured in to say that they actually loved the idea and wished the brand would follow through on their genius joke.

Bravissimo took the plight of more top-heavy women to heart, and after a few months turned their April Fool’s joke into an actual functioning product.

In my opinion, a lilo—British slang for an inflatable mattress—with “cup holders” (cheeky, eh?) for your boobs is an idea that could revolutionize the mattress industry. I mean, think about it: You could use it as a floating device for the lake or beach, a portable bed for camping or a girls’ weekend (it would be much lighter than air mattresses on the market), or—as some women envisioned—even take it to your next massage appointment.

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Although a plastic float might seem out of Bravissimo’s realm of expertise, it’s actually quite on-brand and totally fitting. The lingerie company specializes in styles for women with larger chests, and offers a wide range of sizing from D to L. And in addition to creating beautiful products, they strive to provide a confidence boosting experience for women with larger boobs.

Thanks to the cutout for your breasts, you can float more comfortably on your stomach. Anyone (in the U.S. included) can order the float for $45, a small price to pay for total un-smooshed boob bliss.

Excuse us while we pop this baby into our shopping carts and daydream about drifting away on our next summer Friday.

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