These Models Have Completely Different Bodies—but 3 of Them Are Wearing the Same Size Swimsuit

Beauty is not one size fits all. You’ve heard this before, but model Sonny Turner (on the far right of the photo) provided a much-needed reminder in an Instagram photo of herself alongside fellow models (from left to right) Brielle Anyea, Bella Golden, and Georgia Gibbs. All four wore one-piece bathing suits with the message, “love. your. body.”

“Beauty and bodies come in ALL different shapes, sizes, ethnicities and hair types,” Turner captioned the series of unretouched photos. “And anyone who disagrees with that needs to be left in the 19th century.”

Here’s the twist: Turner, Golden, and Anyea are all wearing the same XL suit, Turner pointed out. “Look how different we all are yet still slay in our own way,” she wrote. “BODY POSI TIP: Stop seeing beauty in others and not in yourself. Yes the person next to you may be beautiful, but that does not mean you are not too.”

The images were taken to promote the collaboration between Gibbs’ body-positive Instagram account Any Body Co. and the swimsuit brand Two Piece Mafia by I Shine 365. The line offers suits in similar classic, flattering styles that “any body” can wear.

“No matter what size, shape, ethnicity, background, every woman deserves to feel their BEST at the beach and that’s all we want for our AnyBODY family too,” Gibbs and her best friend-turned-business partner Kate Wasley shared on their account. “So proud to have swimwear that a diverse group of women are able to wear, match their friends and feel incredible.”

In her post highlighting the line, Anyea shared that the shoot was inspired by traditional fashion shoots, but the women made it their own.

Model gals from different parts of the world coming together to send a message. We're all different shapes, sizes, & have different backgrounds but we share a similar passion. Helping others find light within themselves. We all encourage people to proudly be themselves, love who they are, and strive to be the best they can be. We were inspired by @voguemagazine 's cover. So we put a little twist to it. Added some rawness. Rolls, stretch marks, melanin, you name it. Lol But the point was to show the beauty in diversity. I hope everyone that follows me, knows that there is power in being who you are. Just because you don't see a lot of people that resemble your appearance in media, fashion, & music, it doesn't mean you aren't adequate enough. You're still beautiful & still a rockstar. They just haven't figured that out yet. So If there isn't enough opportunity coming your way, CREATE YOUR OWN. We're examples of that! ??? Thanks to the amazing brands behind this! @ishine365 @twopiecemafia @any.body_co y'all rock ❤️❤️❤️ ? by @higgsy7 (SWIPE to see the inspo)

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“Added some rawness,” she said. “Rolls, stretch marks, melanin, you name it.”

The one-piece suits are now available online for $99 and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Project Heal, which provides funds to help people with eating disorders.

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