The Internet Is Obsessed With This “Miracle” Acne Cure

This charcoal cleansing bar is the latest beauty product taking the Internet by storm and some customers are hailing it as a ‘miracle cure’ for acne.

Created by London-based beauty startup Carbon Theory, the soap has already sold out in stores and online since going viral online. 

The company says the soap is dermatologically proven to prevent break outs, and help to balance and brighten skin complexion thanks to ingredients like organic tea tree oil (which has anti-bacterial properties) and activated charcoal (which becomes highly absorbent once exposed to oxygen making it ideal for banishing dirt and toxins from the skin’s surface)

Many people have sung the soap’s praises on social media after trying other acne treatments with minimal success.

“This is genuinely the BEST skincare product I have used in a long time. I have tried hundreds of treatments over the years to keep acne at bay after Roaccutane treatment as a teenager. My skin has never been this smooth and oil free throughout the day – THIS WORKS,” said Instagram user @char100388.

Similarly, Instagram user @ktwalker_ commented, “This stuff is amazing! 2 and a half weeks and my skin totally cleared up. Always struggled with my confidence because of my skin but looking forward to waking up on summer mornings and not worrying about what my skin looks like when the sun hits it!!”. 

UK celebrities Roxie Nafousi and Rosie Fortescue have also applauded the product for its amazing results on their skin. 

Whilst there’s no official research on the cleansing bar as an effective acne treatment, the results speak for themselves. Until it gets restocked online, get your intrepid London mates to pick some up from Boots and send it home.

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