Kylie Jenner Reveals Every Part of Her 34-Step Makeup Routine

Kylie Jenner introduced lip kits, Kim Kardashian claimed contour kits. Kylie Cosmetics did a pop-up, KKW Beauty is doing a pop-up. To an outsider, there are plenty of similarities between sisters Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian’s beauty brands — not the least of which is their shared genetics. But to Kylie, any new makeup is something to celebrate.

In a new beauty tutorial with Vogue, Kylie beats a full face of makeup while waxing poetic to the camera. She reveals that she’s still undecided over exactly when she’ll let Stormi wear makeup, but one thing she’s sure of is her and KKW’s supportive role in each other’s lives. “Me and Kim do not compete,” she says. “A lot of people think we might, but we really like making completely different products and both enjoy each other’s stuff. The more makeup the better.”

In the video, Kylie shares a few of her personal makeup tricks. She always does her eye shadow before her foundation, she says, so she can wipe off any fallout under her eyes without messing up her base. She’s a fan of baking. True to form, she can even do her lip liner perfectly with her eyes quite literally closed. Jenner reminisced about a time when mom Kris Jenner applied lip liner in the car and accidentally used a black eye pencil.

As for where her love of beauty comes from, Kylie traces it back to mom. “I used to, like, steal all her makeup,” she says. “She had these two little Chanel loose eye powders…like, this baby blue and baby pink, and I’d just put them all over my face. They were bomb. My mom always let me be creatively wild and go to my sixth-grade class with purple eyeshadow and a cut crease.” Just one more thing we owe to Mama Kris.

To watch Kylie go to town on one of her brand's eye palettes and do it justice, watch her whole makeup tutorial below:

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