Kim Kardashian Told the Beautycon Audience She's Dropping a KKW Beauty Summer Collection

Kylie Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics booth may have had the longest lines at Beautycon in Los Angeles over the weekend, but it was Kim Kardashian West who drew the most massive crowds for her on-stage appearance with the festival's founder, Moj Mahdara. Onlookers got to hear Kardashian West's thoughts of everything from cultural appropriation to women's prisons, but it seems her fans are most excited about the news that KKW Beauty will be introducing new products in the new few weeks — or maybe even the next few days.

An Instagram post by @trendmood1 indicates that the media and makeup mogul gave a few details about an upcoming summer collection while sitting in front of a screen the read "Mrs. West Is In the Building." Apparently, the collection will feature a Classic Palette with shades of bronze and brown. There will also be four new lipsticks and new lip liners, though Kardashian West didn't reveal what those shades would be.

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She also didn't reveal exactly when the products would become available, but that they'll be coming soon to the KKW Beauty website, as well as the KKW Beauty pop-up shop in Los Angeles, which is slated to close on July 27. That means there's a pretty good chance we'll be seeing these new products within the next week or so.

In fact, video on Instagram shows that Kardashian West headed over to her pop-up shop after her Beautycon appearance, and she brought daughter North along to both. "I brought my daughter North, who loves makeup," Pret-a-Reporter says Kardashian West told Mahdara during their interview. North was dressed in black just like her mom, and both were wearing their hair half-up with long, loose waves. "She’s so shy right now, but she’s never seen me do anything like this. She has no idea what I do, so this is exciting for me today!"

It sounds like it was exciting for a lot of people, Mrs. West.

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