Kilian Hennessy Partners With Urban Dove for Fragrance Workshop

Kilian Hennessy is sharing his love of fragrance with Urban Dove, a nonprofit organization that provides young kids with the skills needed to become successful adults.Teaming with model Constance Jablonski, Hennessy is inviting 12 girls between the ages of 10 and 12 from Urban Dove to his New York flagship Kilian store Saturday. The girls will receive an introduction to the world of fragrance as they explore Hennessy’s store.“When approached my wife to see if I would donate my time to Urban Dove to help open the girls’ horizons to a different world, I agreed immediately,” Hennessy said. “I thought it would be fun for the girls to come to my downtown store and discover Kilian fragrances. I do hope that one of them will fall in love with this world like I did 24 years ago.”The girls will be invited to participate in a series of workshops, like an introduction to the world of fragrance, the business of beauty and a raw ingredient testing. Hennessy is providing samples of his favorite essential oils from raw materials to teach the girls about olfactive families and the ingredients that make up a fragrance.Jablonski, who has helped Urban Dove organize these kinds of events for three years, wanted to find an activity that would be interesting to young girls.“It’s not easy to always find new activities that can interest the girls; activities that are inspiring, fun, challenging and worth their down time on a Saturday,” she said. “I would like them to leave the class having the feeling they really learned something and that they are happy to have come out of their comfort zone to succeed.”Jablonski had previously organized more sports-related events for the organization, like horseback riding, sailing and boxing classes, but wanted to now host an event that introduced the girls to her world of fashion and beauty.“I want the girls to feel inspired, to see how big the world is and how many opportunities there are for them,” she continued. “I love when they leave our events having found a new hobby or wanting to pursue a new dream.”

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