I Can't Stop Watching This Mesmerizing Video of Mayhem Miller Applying Her Contour

By now, it's probably pretty obvious that we're obsessed with Drag Queen makeup tutorials. But can you blame us? The transformations are pretty damn inspiring, as are the personalities behind them. In our latest video featuring Mayhem Miller from the tenth season of RuPaul's Drag Race, we learn that makeup tutorials and coming out stories aren't mutually exclusive. She also graces us with one of the most mesmerizing makeovers we've witnessed thus far (think bubblegum-pink lips and lashes galore.)

Per usual, Mayhem Miller begins by priming her skin, starting with her brows while getting candid about the first time she was exposed to drag life. "I went to cheer on some of my friends in a competition, and I didn't want to be the only one left out," she says. "Annnd I looked amazing for my first time, "she adds with a laugh. As she waits for the primer on her brows to dry, she reveals that Naomi Campbell is one of her biggest influencers. "[She's] a goddess and I adore her, so I just think about her whenever I'm doing my makeup."

Next up Miller moves onto foundation, using a stick formula in two shades to highlight the center of her face and chisel out her forehead and cheekbones. Unlike some people, Miller uses her fingers to blend out the product instead of brushes or a beauty sponge. "A lot of people think it's weird, but sometimes you've gotta' get up in it," she says of her technique. It's during this moment when Miller shares her coming out story. She explains that it happened when she was a senior in high school and that her mother sort of forced it out of her because she noticed something was different. "She sat there in silence at first, and then she said, 'no you're not,'" he says. "It was a really hard time for me, but they’ve grown to love knowing this part of myself and have grown to love not only me being gay, but also me doing drag," he continues.

After baking with setting powder, Miller then uses a hydrating mist to set his work before baking again and then contouring. This is where she does something out of "the norm" again, because instead of using a traditional brown or gray-toned color, she uses black. "People are always like, girl, what are you doing?" But Miller explains this is how she gets the darker shadows to show up on her skin tone. (Genius.) "It's strange when you see it at first, but the finished product is undeniably beautiful."

Miller couldn't be more right. To see the full transformation — plus hear more tips and tricks from our queen — tune in to the tutorial above.

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