GoodRx Builds Largest Database of Brand-Drug Savings Programs Online

This database, which took more than five years of research and development, includes discounts made available by dozens of drug manufacturers, and offers savings for both uninsured and insured patients. Copay cards and patient assistance programs can lower the price of medications to as little as $0, and with GoodRx, it’s easier than ever to find out if they can help you.

Here’s how to find out if your drug’s manufacturer offers these programs, and how to enroll in them and save.



Copay cards

Copay cards, also known as manufacturer coupons, are issued directly by drug manufacturers and are generally for brand-name drugs. Typically available only to insured individuals, copay cards can help lower copays by as much as 100% per month—yes, that means a $0 copay.

To see if there is a copay card available for your drug, search for your drug on or the GoodRx mobile app and click on “Savings Tips”.

Here are copay cards for 20 of the most popular prescription drugs:


Before you redeem your manufacturer copay card, you should understand that they may have some requirements and limitations. First of all, there are restrictions on the number of times you can save with them—meaning you may be on the hook for the cash price of your medication after a certain number of uses. Additionally, copay cards are typically only for insured patients, and patients with Medicare or any federal- or state-run insurance will not qualify.

Keep in mind that while copay cards can reduce your copay, your insurance company will still have to pay for your drug, potentially paying thousands of dollars to cover its cost. Critics of copay cards, or manufacturer coupons, claim that they drive insurance premiums up, mask manufacturer price hikes and discourage the use of cost-effective generics. However, if you are having trouble affording your life-saving medication, these cards can still be a good option to consider.



Patient assistance programs

Manufacturers and non-profit organizations offer patient assistance programs to help uninsured, low-income patients afford their medications. These programs typically require patients to have a valid prescription and proof of income, but those who qualify can get their medication for free.

To see if a patient assistance program can help you, search for your drug on or the GoodRx mobile app and click on “Savings Tips”.

Here are 10 popular patient assistance programs:



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