You Don’t Need Perfect Vision to See That Morgan Is Magnificent!

Morgan is living proof that love is truly blind. And he’s ready to be your new BFF!

Morgan is a beautiful and blind eight-year-old kitty located in the tri-state area. Despite his lack of vision, there is no hurdle that can stop him from living his best life. Morgan is looking for a patient adopter that will give him the time and love he needs to adjust to their home. With a slow, room-by-room introduction to his new surroundings, Morgan will become just like any other cat—sweet, affectionate and playful! This cat sincerely knows no limitations and when provided with a stable environment, where the furniture and surroundings don’t change frequently, he will thrive and become his best possible self!

Morgan would benefit from being in a quiet home. Children in the home may also be new for him. A Matchmaker will be able to provide you with information about Morgan’s medical needs and help you determine if he is the match you are looking for!

If you are in the tri-state area and can see yourself being Morgan’s new soulmate, visit his profile to complete an application today!

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