These Pups Are Looking for Paradise! Meet Our Available Bark-chelors and Bark-chelorettes!

The weather is getting colder, which means it’s the best time of year to find someone snuggly to cuddle up with. Lucky for you, these pups are looking for love and someone to curl up with, too! Sounds like paradise, right? 

Check out their profiles to see if you could see fur-ever in their eyes!

Good Boys and Girls Looking for Love in NYC


Age: 5

Hobbies: Outdoor adventures, hanging out by the river, watching boats, going in the car and zoomies!

Looking for: Someone looking for an adventure buddy, with a flexible schedule to help her contain her excitement and teach her to enjoy alone time.

Red Flags She Looks For: Younger kids—she’d prefer kids ages eight and older. 

Check out her profile to give her your rose!


Age: 2

Hobbies: Learning new tricks, zoomies, napping, sitting on the couch, snacks, rope toys, helping you put your socks on and burying his toys!

Looking for: Someone ready to help him with his medical needs (which our staff would be happy to tell you all about) and compliment him on his 100-watt smile.  

Red Flags He Looks For: Someone who has a cat or other small animals.

Check out his profile to give him your rose!


Age: 3

Hobbies: Meeting new people, sniffy walks and playing!

Looking for: Someone experienced who will appreciate his playful nature and keep him busy with fun activities and exercise.

Red Flags He Looks For: Younger kids—he prefers teens and up! 

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Your Paw-fect Match Could be in North Carolina!


Age: 5

Hobbies: Playing with other dogs, car rides, going on walks and playing in all forms of water—swimming pools, creeks, buckets, you name it, she’ll submerge in it!

Looking for: A true bestie. Someone who is patient, supportive and willing to put in the time and effort to continue working on her training. She’d also love a home with another dog friend! 

Red Flags She Looks For: She doesn’t have any! Greta is more than ready for a commitment—is that a red flag?

If you live in the Asheville, North Carolina area, or are willing to travel there to give Greta your rose, check out her profile!


Age: 5

Hobbies: Being pet, exploring all the world has to offer, walks in the park and floppy toys!

Looking for: An adventurer! Someone enthusiastic and engaged who will take him on adventures and spend quality time with him. He also needs someone who will help him care for his allergies (which our staff can tell you all about managing). 

Red Flags He Looks For: Someone who doesn’t enjoy adventure.

If you live in the Asheville, North Carolina area, or are willing to travel there to give Galloway your rose, check out his profile!


Age: 9

Hobbies: Quietly hanging out with her favorite canine friends, wading in the creek, sitting by your side and being hand delivered snacks!

Looking for: Her love of a lifetime! Someone patient and supportive with a quiet home and another calm, social dog who can show her the ropes and help navigate her new life. 

Red Flags She Looks For: Loud homes.

If you live in the Asheville, North Carolina area, or are willing to travel there to give Spinel your rose, check out her profile!

Don’t see the pup for you? 

Love is still out there and could even be at your local shelter! 

Not ready to commit to adoption? Sign up to foster a dog in need in the New York City area, the Asheville, North Carolina area, the Columbus, Ohio area or your local shelter!

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