Moo Moo Doesn’t Need a Farm to Live On, Just a Cozy Bed in Your Home!

Meet our wonderful Moo Moo! He promises he’s just a black-and-white spotted cat, and not a dairy cow!

Moo Moo is a very easygoing, affectionate kitty here in the Los Angeles area. He loves pets on the head and chin and is very curious and social with everyone he meets. He gets along well with other cats and loves being around people. Moo Moo doesn’t like being alone, so he will sleep all day in one place as long as you’re next to him!

Moo Moo is possibly older than six years old. While in our care, Moo Moo has shown signs of arthritis, which is common for many cats as they age. Our Adoption Team would be happy to provide more information about Moo Moo’s medical history and recommendations for management and care.

His arthritis symptoms make it hard for him to jump up to a high surface, but Moo Moo will let you know with his cute meows when he’d like help getting on the couch or bed. Moo Moo’s meows are unique and adorable—he has a different meow for every day of the week! And despite his arthritis, Moo Moo will occasionally run around and play with his foster family’s cats. If the floor is too slippery for him during playtime, he enjoys being placed on the bed to chase after a wand toy. His lightning-fast reflexes are very impressive!

In his ideal home, Moo Moo doesn’t need much space—he’s perfectly happy with your love and attention! He may also do well around young children so long as they were gentle with him. He is very loving, respectful and has great playtime manners. Moo Moo is quite smart, too! When you call his name, he comes running, and if you point somewhere, he will follow your direction and go there. We know you’ll be impressed with this handsome mini cow!

Moo Moo is a low-maintenance, well-rounded cat who deserves nothing less than someone who will love him with all their heart. If Moo Moo sounds like the perfect kitty-cattle for your Los Angeles home, please visit his profile to complete an application!

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