Looking for a Rockin’ Cat Who Wants to Rest and Purr All Night and Unwind Every Day? Adopt Honeythunder!

Have you always wanted a cat with a name like an ‘80s hair metal supergroup? Honeythunder is here to rock you like a purricane!

Honeythunder is an acclaimed solo artist that is looking to get back into the arena-rock band lifestyle on her own terms this time, maaaan. She’s hoping for a relaxing home where she can curl up in a nook and work on her radical solos. Over time she picks up the rhythm and spends her days near her favorite people. Her fosters note she is particularly fond of picking one person to hang out with at a time. Classic sensitive artist stuff.  

Honeythunder is a wise soul and has learned it’s easier to work smarter than harder; she enjoys playing with her favorite wand toys while lying down. When she’s isn’t batting ping pong balls all over the house, that is. She’s a multi-tasking pro!

Honeythunder takes time to warm up to new people and experiences and would do best in a quiet home with a patient adopter willing to give her space to adjust. She is still learning to enjoy petting and prefers to approach people on her own terms. Her fosters note that with treats and hand-feeding she has been comfortable with gentle pets under her chin and cheeks.

Honeythunder would probably do best in a home with bandmates who are teens and up. She is picky about her cat friends—a Matchmaker would be happy to discuss her likes and dislikes with you. Our staff can go over her specific medical needs with you and help you set her up for success in your home!

If you live in the tri-state area and Honeythunder’s power ballad has melted your heart, check out her profile to submit an application!

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