CAT SITTER CHECKLIST: 8 Ways to Ensure Quality Care

Your cat sitter is experienced and competent, but she needs your help in providing your furball with the quality care he deserves. Chin scratching and neck rubs come naturally, but there are other things that your sitter must know–things that only YOU can tell her! Whether you’re preparing to be away from home for a few hours or several days, you undoubtedly have a lot on your mind. To make sure you don’t forget anything important, we thought we’d provide you with a cat sitter checklist that you can share with your caretaker before you head out the door.

Cat Sitter Checklist

  • Direct contact information – Please be sure your cat sitter has your cell number, a secondary number (such as the number to the hotel where you’ll be staying) or even a direct number for your traveling companion.
  • Emergency contacts – Before you go, provide your sitter with the names and telephone numbers of 3 local friends or family members who can be called upon if an emergency arises and you are unavailable.
  • Your veterinarian’s information – Jot down the name, telephone number, address and office hours of your veterinarian.
  • The name, telephone number and address of the nearest pet emergency hospital.
  • The telephone number for the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center – (888) 426-4435
  • Pet insurance and/or medical billing information. (NOTE: If you need pet insurance, our partner PetPlan offers it to you as a discount just for being our friends.)
  • Precise care instructions such as exact feeding times, amounts, flavors, dietary restrictions, special medications, information about special treats, grooming tips and your cat’s daily exercise regimen.
  • Your cat’s likes and dislikes, including clues on where he may hide when he’s sleepy, agitated or does not feel well.

Use this checklist as your template and add any extra details of your own. Be sure to provide your sitter with the details of this list before you go and do so in enough time to discuss any points needing clarity or to answer any questions. Leave this information on clear display in your home, but also provide your cat sitter with a digital copy by text or email so that she has it with him at all times.

Expect the Unexpected

Most cat sitter visits go off without a hitch. In fact, many of them go even better than planned as your fluffy feline forms a new friendship bond with one so intensely dedicated to his care. Still, every now and then emergencies do happen and you want your sitter to be as calm, cool and collected as possible so that her entire focus can be directed to a solution instead of frantically searching for help. With this checklist, you’re providing a sort of lifeline, including backup support from friends and family if your kitty ever needs it.

While we go through great lengths to help you plan your sitter’s visit and we keep this information on file, it doesn’t hurt to be hyper-vigilant in this area. This is your fur baby, after all! So, embrace this checklist and refer to it often to make sure that all of your bases are covered and your cat sitter is empowered to provide the best care possible!

It’s Your Turn Now

If we forgot to put something important on our cat sitter checklist, let us know. And if you need a sitter in your area, by all means, give us a call and we’ll start the process of matching you with one who suits your cat’s personality right away!


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