Here’s How Nurse Mary Beth Helps Frustrated Patients Find Lower Prices on Their Medications

Mary Beth assists the 12 doctors at her clinic, primarily taking calls and speaking to patients about their health concerns, appointments, and medication refills. In a typical eight-hour work day, she takes about 100 calls—at least 10 of which are from patients who are frustrated with their prescription costs.

She explains, “The single parent on state assistance or the elderly coupon on Medicare sometimes have to go without food because their medication is so expensive. It’s very sad, but it’s the reality of the world we live in. I recommend GoodRx because it makes medication affordable.”

Mary Beth first came across GoodRx when looking up prices for her husband’s Fioricet online. She says even though she and her husband make a fairly good living, there are still some medications that they would not be able to afford without GoodRx. After seeing how much GoodRx could save them, Mary Beth started checking prices on GoodRx for her patients.

Mary Beth shares this story about a single mother who had called her office in tears:

“She was calling for a medication change. Her son was prescribed Adderall, but she wasn’t going to be able to fill it because it was going to cost over $200. She was very upset and in tears—they had been battling child misbehaviors for a long time, and they were excited because they finally found an answer. But then she found out she couldn’t afford it. I checked GoodRx and there was a substantial discount. I texted her the coupon and she was able to fill it at the pharmacy! She swears by GoodRx now.”

Mary Beth appreciates being able to text or email coupons to patients (both through the GoodRx website and mobile app). It makes it very convenient for patients to bring the right coupon to the pharmacy. She keeps the GoodRx website pulled up on her computer screen, so if a patient calls in to get their prescription changed because it’s too expensive, she can look up the prices right away. “Most of the time, there’s a cheaper price on there, and I can text or email the coupon to them. It saves them money and they are amazed at how easy it is. I love it.”

Well, we love how compassionate Mary Beth is with her patients and that she chooses GoodRx to continue providing excellent care!

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