Worrying warning sign in your period blood you should always check for

Periods change from woman to woman, and you can even notice differences from cycle to cycle.

But what’s normal and what isn’t?

This is something lots of us worry about, but some are too nervous or embarrassed to speak to their pals or their GP about it.

According to Dr Preethi Daniel, the clinical director at London Doctors Clinic , many of the weird changes we notice are completely normal – even if they seem a bit strange or gross.

However, she says there’s one thing women should be checking for every month as it could be a sign of a serious medical problem.

Whenever we bleed our blood clots to prevent us from bleeding out.

This means it’s not unusual to see small clots in your period blood, especially if you’re wearing a sanitary towel.

However, larger clots means there’s a lot of blood there which can be a worrying sign.

It’s not the actual clots which you need to worry about, but why they’re forming.

Speaking to Mirror Online, Dr Preethi said: "It’s actually normal to have small clots because blood has to clot as it’s coming away from out body.

"What is not normal is very large clots and you might want to see a GP about that.

"The question is where is that blood coming from?

"If it starts after a pregnancy or a pregnancy or a termination is there something left in there?"

She recommends any women who is worried about clots visits their doctor straight away.

Normal period blood can be anywhere between fresh red and brown in colour.

She said: "It can vary between woman to woman and it can also vary between cycles.

"If you have less bleeding the blood is going to take longer to come out so it does oxidise and become brown.

"So anything from brown to fresh red is probably normal.

"Slimy bleeding is actually normal, I know that sounds gross, but vaginal secretions can mix with the blood and cause it to look and feel slimey."

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