Turning data accuracy from elusive to achievable

According to HIMSS Market Insights research, healthcare organizations’ success depends on their data’s accuracy and quality. Ninety-three percent of respondents agree that access to quality data, across all platforms and workflows, is critical to an organization’s performance. However, nearly a third state that their organization’s data is less than 76% accurate. In Episode 3 of the “Unlocking Big Data” podcast sponsored by Arcadia and presented by HIMSS, sponsored by Arcadia and presented by HIMSS, Anne Snowdon, Chief Scientific Research Officer at HIMSS, and Mary Kuchenbrod, Vice President, Data Operations at Arcadia talk about how data analysis platforms can support healthcare organizations’ efforts to improve data accuracy.

You’ll learn more about:

  • How to increase the accuracy of healthcare organizations’ data accuracy – strategy, people, technology

  • The role of data analytics platforms in achieving data accuracy

  • The importance of data accuracy and quality data in supporting and advancing health equity

Want to see our guests talk further about this topic? Watch our companion TV episode here.

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