Tips from the specialist: the school bag is properly seated

School books, lunch box, folders, pencil case and water bottle: Already in the first class have to bear a lot of children hard to. Orthopedic surgeons advise parents to check Carefully, such as the knapsack is Packed, and especially how it is worn, to avoid back and Shoulder injury.

The best of the satchel is not too far below, so that the pressure of the lumbar spine is taken. "It is recommended to buy a knapsack with well-padded, at least four-inch-wide shoulder straps, their length should be set the same on both sides, to avoid discomfort in the shoulder,” advises Prof. Dr. Ralf Stücker, Medical Director and Chief physician of the children’s Orthopaedics in the Altona children’s hospital (AKK), Hamburg.

Anyone who touches the knapsack incorrectly, a risk of the to bearing weight with the wrong body posture to compensate. Many children tend to make a hollow back. The satchel is attached close to the body, the heavy parts close to the body and the lighter objects stowed further away from the body, can be counteracted by a malicious duration of exposure. As a General rule of thumb is that a schoolbag should weigh no more than 10 to 15 percent of the weight of the child. "It is also important that the children not so long with the knapsack on your back on the road sind", Stücker says. In addition, the orthopedist recommends that children move to compensate enough so that the postural and movement apparatus is sufficiently trained.

School bags with just one shoulder strap should be at least in the early years, avoided because the spine is formed in the case of girls, usually only 14 to 15 years, in boys only 16 to 17. Backpacks, however, are more harmful than conventional satchel. But here, too, should be careful to place the weight at the height of the burst spine.


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