This Is What No One Tells You About Pregnancy

Everyone warns you about swollen ankles and food cravings during pregnancy, but there’s one thing that no one seems to talk about: pelvic pain.

Author Zoe Foster Blake spoke a lot about her difficult first pregnancy with her son Sonny, but she has recently shone a light on how she has dealt with the problem of pelvic pain during her second pregnancy.

She shared a post on Instagram and a blog post addressing the issue.

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I had no idea pelvic stuff was even A Thing!” she wrote on her website. 

“In my obliviousness I did zero exercise or strengthening, and had no treatment. Even the g-damn physio who put me on crutches didn’t recommend getting treatment.”

However she’s suggested some tips that have helped her treat it the second time around. She puts it all down to “pilates, osteopathy, lots of dull at-home exercises and a spell from a lovely white witch named Brenda.”

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She also warns against ‘eating for two’, which she calls ‘a filthy trick’.

You can read the full details of her tips in her in-depth blog post.

Rebecca Judd has also spoken out about what she didn’t know about pregnancy – so it turns out there’s a lot of things we don’t know until we go through it.

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