The One Move That Gives Cher Her Amazing, Toned Butt at 72

Can we please talk about how incredible Cher looks at 72 years young? Remember at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards when the singer graced the stage in a sheer, glittery bodysuit and revealed to the audience that she could do a 5-minute plank? Well, Cher is still inspiring us with total #fitnessgoals. In an appearance last week on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she told DeGeneres that she can plank for two minutes without breaking a sweat.

At 72, the star proves that age hasn’t stopped her from living her best fit life. So, what’s her secret? Although we may be wondering if Cher is a real life Benjamin Button, she in fact credits her amazing physique to working out. A lot.

Ellen DeGeneres admits that they were watching Cher in rehearsal and couldn’t help but notice her ridiculously toned butt. The TV host took the opportunity to ask the singer to share the butt exercises that gave her that booty, and we are listening.

Cher told DeGeneres that while she doesn’t work out every day, she does have a consistent exercise routine. And there is one move the singer swears by to get her butt in shape. “So, you get down on all fours and you put your leg up and you make an L with your leg and you just do it up like that,” Cher explains. Donkey kicks, people. Donkey. Kicks. Cher tells DeGeneres that she does three sets of five, then transitions to a classic fire hydrant. Below, POP Pilates founder Cassey Ho demonstrates how to do this powerful move.

The singer also shares that she has a power plate and does “old-fashioned” exercises like tried-and-true squats, which is making us all squat believers. “And I have to confess, I do Zumba,” she adds. Cher keeps it casual by following along with a Zumba tape at home.

Well, when a move works, it really works. Thanks to Cher, we’ll be adding the donkey kick to our workout circuit, stat.

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