Should semi-permanent makeup be offered by NHS for cancer survivors?

When we think about the after-effects of serious illness and invasive medical treatments, we don’t tend to focus on the aesthetic side of things.

But if you have lost your hair due to medication or being unwell, the impact this has on your self-esteem and confidence can be huge.

Lauren is a semi-permanent make-up (SPMU) artist in Gateshead. She has started a new campaign to get this beauty treatment offered on the NHS, as she has seen first-hand just how much of a positive difference it can make for people with hair loss.

Now, to raise awareness for her campaign, she is offering semi-permanent eyebrow treatments for free to people who have lost their hair due to health issues such as undergoing chemotherapy or alopecia.

Lauren knows from personal experience how debilitating it can be to lose all your hair due to cancer treatments, alopecia, and other illnesses/treatments which cause hair loss, which is the driving force behind her project.

‘Offering free SPMU treatments means so much to me as I’ve witnessed a number of times the positive impact the treatments have on people’s lives,’ Lauren tells

‘These people have undergone life-shattering illnesses, and this is just one way of putting a smile on their faces.’

The project will see Lauren offer free SPMU to people who have undergone hair loss due to invasive treatments or illness. She is doing this in order to gather evidence of how much SPMU can improve mental health, confidence, and overall life enjoyment for people who have gone through such a traumatic experience in their life. 

Her business Lolface, has also recently started fundraising to offer free treatments for people who have lost hair due to cancer treatments and alopecia. Cancer affects one in two people, and many lose their hair due to the invasive treatments they go through. 

The crowdfunding project was started at the beginning of August this year, and they have already raised hundreds towards their target on their online fundraising page.

‘Brow SPMU isn’t currently available on the NHS, so I took it upon myself to be able to offer it for free,’ adds Lauren.

‘Dani, a client who received a free treatment said:

“I didn’t really know what to expect but Lauren was so lovely, totally put me at ease and I absolutely love the results. Totally what I needed after going through chemo and losing a lot of what made me ‘me’ so I couldn’t be more grateful.”

‘This highlights just what a difference it can really make in people’s lives.

‘I believe life is about positivity and spreading love. I never imagined that I’d be in a position to make such a difference in people’s lives, but now I am, I won’t stop until LolCare is nationwide. Putting a smile on as many people’s faces as possible.’

Lauren worked in healthcare as a diagnostic radiographer for seven years. She was based in a large teaching hospital, scanning patients who had gone through traumatic experiences with hair loss due to illnesses and treatments.

Her goal is to raise £2,300, which would pay for 10 people to get free microblading or tattoo eyebrows at LolFace. For every person that has the treatment paid for through the funding, Lauren will offer another treatment completely free.

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