Shortness of breath: When the bed makes stuff sick Doctors warn of little-known lung disease

This medical case was the Doctors first of all, a bit of a puzzle: A 43-year-old man from Scotland, a non-smoker, had been suffering for months, shortness of breath, nausea, was tired all the time.

His doctor in the hospital of Aberdeen tapped out, initially, to a respiratory inflammation and initiated the appropriate treatment.

Kidney, liver, blood picture: unremarkable

First of all, it was the 43-Year-old is actually better. But then so bad that he had to be written two weeks sick.

An examination of his kidneys, liver, his Blood counts and an x-Ray of his chest: unremarkable.

To another doctor deep drilled – the 43-Year-old to his home, questioned and finally in the bedroom of the man landed.

This question led to the solution

Whether he used a feather bed cover? In the last year, said the Patient, he has the ceiling of a bed and a pillow made of Down down. Bingo. Exactly turned out as the solution to the medical problems of the 43-Year-old, the Doctors treating the man who presented the unusual case in the journal BMJ Case Reports.

Triggers: dust of goose or duck feathers

A more accurate blood test finally confirmed the suspicion: The man was suffering from a so-called hypersensitivity Pneumonitis. This is a lung disease that is triggered by an allergic reaction to bacteria and mold spores.

In the case of the Scottish patients: by the dust of goose or duck feathers in the bedding of the man, the this had is breathing. Doctors speak in his case of a "Feather Beds-Lunge" (Feather Duvet Lung), a rather unknown Form of Alveolitis, an inflammation of the alveoli.

Well-known is the so-called &quot on the other hand is;Vogelhalterlunge" or "Taubenzüchterkrankheit", in the case of the Inhalation of bird feathers and droppings leads to symptoms similar to the 43-year-old Scot.

This is not to be trifled with, make the Doctors in their recently published study: "Repeated exposure may lead to irreversible pulmonary fibrosis." So the scarring of the lung tissue, which is incurable.

"Only the tip of the Eisbergs"

The spring filling of the bedding will lead to a severe allergic-related disease, according to the researchers, are very rare. However, "I suspect this is just the tip of the Eisbergs", Dr Owen Dempsey, one of the authors of the study and attending physician of the 43-year-old Scot said the British "Guardian".

"I think that there are much more cases that are Doctors aware of it. And because you are not aware, you ignoriert", so the physician told the newspaper.

Doctors should also ask for bed linen

While most Doctors ask their patients with respiratory problems, according to house animals, you according to Dempsey as well as never the question of their bedding.

This is a serious omission, write the physicians in their study, because, after all, is feather-filled bedding now more common than synthetic fillings.

The patient got rapidly better

After the Doctors had the ceiling of his bed and his pillow as the reason for his medical problems are identified, they advised the 43-banish-Year-olds, the feather-filled bedding from his bedroom.

That alone was enough, within a month it went to the man better, write to the physicians in their study.

Since they had not begun treatment with medication yet. After half a year of the 43 recovered-Year-old again.

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