Shocking snaps show how drugs changed 53-year-old’s face in just six years

Facebook users can’t believe how dramatic the transformation is – and many think the photos should be released as a warning for others to stay off drugs.

One commenter remarked: “Such a shame she used be be full of life and was always happy.

“This picture should be used in a campaign to show how drugs and addictions ruin lives.”

Another said: “This is a photo you should show to teenage drug users to try and deter them from drug use as she looks 80.

“Shows just what drugs do to you.”

A third added: “I’m 64, I look young compared to her.

“Is she a lesson, perhaps, in what substance abuse can do to your skin?”

Facebook users shared hopes that Graham would undertake rehabilitation in the future.

One commented: “Hope she gets the help.”

Another agreed: “Now she can get the medical attention and drug counselling she so desperately needs.”

Humberside Police also passed their comment on the case on their website.

They urge locals: “If you have any concerns about drugs activity where you live, please tell us.”

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