Self-Care for Moms on Mother's Day

By Kelly Whalen

Self-care is something many moms always need. This year Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 13, and it’s a great day to provide mom with a few self-care ideas. And remember, these should be encouraged all year long — not just on Mother’s Day.

Connect with Loved Ones

Connection with others and social time are key. Too often moms are busy driving the carpool, cleaning up after kids, working, or focusing on others’ needs. Instead, plan some time with loved ones for the moms in your life.

Ideas include:

  • A picnic in the park with the family
  • Brunch with girlfriends
  • A potluck lunch for all the moms in your circle
  • Visiting loved ones who live out of town
  • Going to a museum with family or a group of friends

Get Moving

Physical exercise can be a great way to take care of yourself and stay healthy. You may want to plan a hike for mom, book some gym time for her, or head outside with her for a long walk or family bike ride. 

Take Care of Mom All Year

Showing mom some love all year long is a great way to encourage her to make time for self-care. 

  • Create a coupon books with the kids. Yes, even the adult kids! You can include ideas like a one-on-one lunch with mom or a coupon for cooking her a meal.
  • Give mom the day off once a month. Have the family or friends take care of all the little details like errands, groceries, cleaning and picking up kids. 
  • Encourage mom to start a fun hobby by getting her some supplies or a book. Or boost her skills by giving her new accessories related to her current hobby.
  • Let mom sleep in! Plan a day of the week where mom doesn’t have to handle bedtime and morning duties. Even better, give mom a night at a hotel for the weekend — and include room service in bed.

Try Something New

Instead of the traditional Mother’s Day restaurant meal or bouquet of flowers, consider some of these unique ideas:

  • Give her a class, which can be anything that relates to her hobbies like art, crafts, or photography, to something she’s always wanted to try, like salsa dancing, cooking, or windsurfing.
  • Explore a new area of your city for a stay-local adventure, or take a day trip to somewhere new.
  • Cook up a fun, new recipe for her — or with her — for Mother’s Day. If she loves to cook, create a pretty package of fancy ingredients that she can use to make an amazing recipe later.

Pampering as a Present

Relaxing self-care time is a great way to de-stress mom and encourage her to do this on a regular basis. Book a massage, meditation or yoga session, give her a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure, a professional makeup consultation, or a hair-styling session, or buy her a special bubble bath, tea or coffee, or takeout meal and movie for a pampered night in.

Unplug or Plug In

Sometimes unplugging, especially from social media, can be the best self-care. It provides a much needed brain break and will help you be more present in the moment. Encourage mom to put away the devices on Mother’s Day and instead fill the day with board games, puzzles, cooking ingredients, or those juicy magazines or books she’s been meaning to read.

Unplugging isn’t always the answer, though. Sometimes watching a TV show or movie can be just what moms need. How about suggesting that she binge-watch a series she’s been meaning to catch, or putting on a movie she loves and encourage her to watch in pajamas with some tasty snacks? Or, head out with her to the movie theater for whatever she chooses. Just make sure to  book those cushy reclining seats!

Finding ways to take care of the mom in your life is the greatest gift you can give to her this Mother’s Day.

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