Osteopathy: An alternative healing method

Osteopathy as a manual therapy to alternative healing methods. All the applications of osteopathy only be done with the Hand. Also, the health insurance companies have become increasingly involved in the cost.

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Such as acupuncture and homeopathy, osteopathy is part of the method to the alternative healing. According to a study by the health insurer mhplus, in the case of the 1000 German citizens were interviewed, 43 per cent of alternative medicine in preference to conventional medicine. Aim of osteopathy is to make malfunctions and blockages that cause diseases, identify and eliminate them manually.

A treatment lasts an average of 50 minutes. The Osteopath takes a detailed questioning of the patient time to diagnosis and therapy. He felt movement restrictions and tensions, and are treated with special techniques. The Osteopath looks at the Interplay of the various systems and organs of the body. Therefore, there is no breakdown in different sub-areas, such as making the school of medicine. If discomfort after knee SURGERY or problems with mobility in old age – in both cases, the Osteopath helps.