Mum who spent £100k on IVF finally has miracle baby aged 53

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A determined mum who spent almost £100,000 on IVF has finally welcomed a miracle baby into the world at the age of 53. 

Helen Dalglish endured 21 agonising attempts to fall pregnant before carrying baby Daisy Grace to full term.

The mum from Glasgow had suffered 25 years of failed IVF (in vitro fertilisation) procedures. 

Having given birth, she is finding the whole experience “surreal” as she has been trying for a baby since she was 28.

“Sometimes it got too much emotionally, physically and financially,” Helen said. “Sometimes we stopped for a year or two… [believing] maybe it’ll just happen if we forget about it.”

Remembering back to the heartbreaking attempts, Helen said each one felt absolutely devastating.

“It’s like a death,” Helen said. “I would get down for a couple of weeks but then I would pick myself up and say, ‘Right, if you want this baby, get your act together.'”

While Helen did fall pregnant three times, she lost each baby to a miscarriage.

“By that point, I was 41 and 42, and they just weren’t sticking,” the mum-of-one revealed to the Daily Record. “I would get to around nine or 10 weeks [of pregnancy].”

Helen then agreed to use donor eggs, but all 10 of them had perished, leading heartbroken Helen to give it one “last chance”.

Turning her hopes towards the Dunya Fertility Centre in Kyrenia, Cyprus, Helen was stunned she conceived.

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Helen and her husband “burst out crying and screaming… it was tears of relief and happiness”.

Elated, Helen felt as though “25 years of grief” was escaping her body as she witnessed her growing bump.

“I was looking down and the bump was getting bigger and I thought, ‘Am I dreaming?'” the shocked mum revealed.

Helen, who has since turned 54, gave birth to Daisy Grace in September 2022 and added that being a mum has been “absolute heaven”.

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The mum described her baby girl as the “most placid, laid-back, happy baby. It’s almost like I waited so long and now I’m being spoilt”.

Sharing her appreciation of the medical staff at the centre, Helen added: “I would like to thank all the staff and doctors and everyone at the clinic. She’s a little darling and worth waiting another 25 years for.”

Helen’s doctor, Dr Alper Eraslan of Dunya IVF, said: “Even though it can be both psychologically and financially burdensome sometimes, with our support, knowledge and experience we are aiming to help women who want to have a healthy baby.

“We are so happy to see women like Helen finally getting the chance to have their own children, and we will continue to do our best in helping other couples achieve this dream as well.”

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