Makes Corona Ibuprofen is more dangerous? Clinic warns of Fake News

Currently a voice message in a previously unknown Person has been circulating on WhatsApp claimed that an employee of the Vienna University hospital told her, taking Ibuprofen will lead to the fact that the Coronavirus is spreading fast. The clinic now speaks of a Fake message.

"A friend of mine at the University hospital in Vienna. Have you ever operated a bit of research, why in Italy so many violent Corona cases sind&quot occurred;, so, the woman. "They have found that the people who have been brought in with severe symptoms in the clinic, more or less all home Ibuprofen had previously taken."

University hospital: "It is Fake News"

Further investigations have "sound Hinweise" that the taking accelerate of Ibuprofen the replication of the Virus. "Therefore, the University hospital of Vienna, advises unofficially to avoid Ibuprofen, and then rather take Ben-u-ron, so Paracetamol or Aspirin", the woman further says. Several times the woman speaks of "Hinweisen" there is a connection between the ingestion of Ibuprofen and the propagation of the Coronavirus. In writing will not, however, published nothing, as if it were a large-scale study, the Unknown more.

In the meantime, has expressed himself in the University hospital to the message: "Warning, the currently circulating WhatsApp-Text – and voice messages about the alleged research results of the "Vienna Uniklinik" to is a connection between Ibuprofen and Covid19 it’s Fake News, which are not affiliated with the Medical University of Vienna."

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