Kristin Cavallari Claps Back At Fans Who Accused Her Of Body-Shaming

Kristin Cavallari is not the kind of celeb to take slander in her stride – the reality TV star and designer has vigorously rebuffed claims she body-shamed herself in a recent Instagram post, firing back at a number of commenters.

The image posted last Wednesday featured the mum-of-three relaxing on a seat with the caption: “Feeling it until I see the pic and see my crazy arm. Maybe next time I shouldn’t lean so hard ? .”

Several Instagram users suggested that the 30-year-old should be less harsh about her appearance.

Cavallari clapped back at one since-deleted comment, replying:  “I didn’t say my arm looks fat, did I? No, I simply said it looks crazy (and I was joking around) because if I didn’t say it, a thousand other people would have.”

“If you took it as I was being critical of myself, then that’s on you. I was in no way putting myself down nor am I upset about it in the slightest (obviously I posted it). How you interpret my words has nothing to do with me or what I actually meant.”

Feeling like a new woman #ISurvivedTheDetox

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In another comment she suggested her followers lighten up.

“What I said was very tongue in cheek…hence the ‘?’. Everyone needs to relax and have a sense of humour. I never once said I think my arm looks fat. And sorry, but I actually do think I am a good example for young women [redacted] . I would never put someone else down over the internet for starters…”

If you come for Kristin, she’ll come for you.

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