Karlie Kloss Does This Lower-Body Move for Toned Legs

When it comes to sculpting stellar legs, Anna Kaiser, creator of AKT, has a winning record. For proof, just look at her star clients, which include Shakira, Kelly Ripa, and Karlie Kloss.

Lucky for you, the trainer is dishing on two of her favorite moves to sculpt sexy stems: Lateral Lunges and Toe Lifts.

“Lateral Lunges are a killer workout that you can do anywhere. No equipment needed,” says Kaiser. “And Toe Lifts work your legs while forcing you to maintain good posture and a strong core—and for you heel-wearers, it stretches the front of your leg and strengthens your calves.” Do each three times a week for tighter, more toned legs.

How to do lateral lunches

Start with feet wider than hip-width apart (A). Step left foot out to side and bend knee. With weight in heels, hinge forward at a 45-degree angle; keep right leg straight. Reach right arm overhead and to left (B). Return to start; repeat on opposite side. This is one rep. Do 10.

Start with back against wall; walk legs three feet out in front of you, keeping shoulders and back on wall. Lift toes up (A), return to floor; lift heels up (B), return to floor. That’s one rep. Do 20.

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