Carrie Bickmore Reflects On Her Miscarriages For The First Time

Carrie Bickmore has written candidly about miscarrying twice and why she wishes she confided in more people about her experiences.

In her latest column for Stellar Magazine, the Project host revealed that she previously chose to keep quiet, but is opening up now to break down the shame, fear and guilt so many women feel about their miscarriages.

“I do believe we need to remove the stigma around miscarriage for the sake of both women and men, but I know both times I miscarried, I was so relieved I hadn’t told many people I was pregnant,” the 37-year-old wrote. “I was struggling to get my head around what had happened and was not in the mood to talk about it.”

The mum-of-two (with one on the way) recalls the inevitable, internal blame game that comes with losing a baby.

“My mind raced. Guess I won’t need to turn the office into a baby’s room. What if I never get pregnant again? We can go on holiday at the end of the year now,” she said. “I wonder if it’s something that I ate? We should be grateful we are already parents to a healthy child. I really liked Harry as a name. Why is her baby growing just fine? Why me? Maybe it was stress… and the list goes on.”

Carrie shared her thoughts in response to the current push for women to announce their pregnancies before the traditional 12 week mark.

“All women benefit from hearing other women’s stories of miscarriage. We need to share more, but in our own time. If you wanna sing it from the rooftop the moment you see that gorgeous little blue line, that’s OK,” she said. “But there is nothing wrong with keeping your news close until you know things are likely to be OK.”

Carrie and her partner Chris Walker recently announced they are expecting their second child together, a sibling to three-year-old Evie and 10-year-old, Oliver, Carrie’s son from her marriage to her late husband Greg Lange.

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