A Quarterback Coach Just Explained Dak Prescott’s Shoulder Injury on ‘Hard Knocks’

NFL player Dak Prescott missed most of his last season with the Dallas Cowboys due to an ankle injury, and now the quarterback is out due to an issue with his shoulder. In a new video on the Performance Lab of California’s YouTube channel, quarterback coach Morey Croson explains that understanding the specific mechanics will be key to resolving this problem.

“If we have a shoulder issue and we don’t know what’s going on when you’re throwing the ball, it’s really hard to understand exactly what to do in order to correct it,” he says. “It seems to me what [the Cowboys] are doing is going ‘hey, let’s just shut you down.’ I would say that’s not the greatest approach to it, just because I think the issue is something that can be corrected, by having a controlled environment in the actual throw.”

Croson then reviews some Hard Knocks footage of Prescott’s throw to try and figure out what the problem could be. “We can see not as much internal rotation. We talk a lot about getting that pinkie all the way up and all the way around, being really able to turn that hand there, and it looks like he doesn’t do that much as he finishes the throw, he more comes across the body.”

He notes that Prescott’s throwing technique is strong in a lot of areas, including a high release, neutral wrist position, and position of the ball in relation to the head—but that his internal rotation is less than ideal. “There’s a reliance on the pec,” he says. “When you’re going through the throw and you’re relying so much on that lateral movement, and not creating any type of internal rotation… that really puts a lot of stress there.”

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