Without Equipment: With this Home Workout, do you train the whole body

In times of Corona Fans from the Training in fitness studios gezwungerner dimensions at Home have to Dodge Workouts, to stay also during the social Isolation fit.

Whitney Simmons is different. The Fitness Influencerin has quickly turned your living room into a fitness Studio and takes care of her Fans over the social networks to continue with Workouts.

And must not be less effectively and tiring as the units in the gym.

The best example of this is the intense full-body unit, consisting of four runs, which alternate with the hard points on the upper and lower part of the body, the Whitney Simmons has posted on her Instagram channel.

The Best part of the Workout: with the exception of a base and a chair you need for the Workout no Equipment.

HOWTO: Perform all three Exercises in the run directly in a row. Then 30 seconds break before the next is started by run. Repeat two more Times.

1. Run – Torso

The three Exercises in the first cycle, aim on the torso. And Whitney will start with full Power so give it your all!

  • Reverse plank dips with tuck – in- 10 reps

Spot you for this Exercise in an inverted all-fours position. Lifting a angewinkeltes leg up, in front of your body.

Sink during this movement, your Butt toward the floor, your arms are bent slightly. Return then, return to starting position. Then the other side of the row.

  • Diamond push ups – 10 reps

The next one is a very intense Exercise for shoulder and arms. Position yourself first in the upright pushup position.

Your hands should be spaced close, the feet can be placed apart. Also, your feet are denser than usual, in your hands – you stick your butt to the top.

Am now supported by sun, by you controlling your Obberkörper to release your hands, and then back up again.

  • High plank shoulder taps – 10 reps

In the upright pushup position, you can stay directly, because it is more effective Plank Variation.

This think you just of the Plank and tap alternately with the hands diagonal to your shoulders.

2. Run-Through – Lower Body

Tough it continues with three Exercises that work your legs. The Influencerin starts with an Exercise that provides a crisp behind.

  • Sumo squat jump with 4 pulses – 10 reps

For this Exercise, first in a wide, deep Squat – the tips of the toes point slightly outward. Pulsate in this Position four Times, lifting and lowering your body so easily – keep an eye on a permanent tension.

Repulsive to you after the fourth pulse, with both feet firmly from the ground. Jump up, grab your arms swing fully to the rear and land and finally back into the starting position.

  • Alternating curtsy lunges – 10 reps

It continues with a Practice that not only brings the legs to Burn, but in addition the heart rate up will drive.

Start in the upright position with slightly bent legs. Execute the lunges by putting your legs diagonally behind you.

Important: When high, the power should be expended always come with the stable leg to stand on.

  • Lateral lunges – 10 repetitions

This passage stopped Whitney with a high-tension exercise that comes with both the lateral as well as the rear leg muscles benefit.

Start in a very wide Stand. Sink your body to the ground, you bend one leg. The other leg remains stretched out.

Press yourself back up to the starting position and leave you to the other side down.

3. Run – Torso

It follows the second pass for the torso, which is not less exhausting than the first. Especially your triceps muscles you’ll feel after this round certainly.

  • Tricep dips – 10 reps

The first Exercise targets the triceps. Grab a School or look for a different stable, similar to high subject.

Support you on this, behind your body, the legs are on the heels drawn up. Lifting and lowering your body, by you anwinkelst your arms and stretch. On turning the power for this really with your triceps.

  • High decline plank elbow to knee oblique crunch – 10 reps

Now your body is in mid-turn. Starting position, the upright pushup position, where your feet are placed on the chair.

Raise your right leg upwards and bring the knee in front of your body center to the left elbow. Stretch the legs back to the rear and repeat the movement.

Tip: Breathe in when a deep draw from, which allows you to have a better tension of the abdominal muscles.

  • Triceps up downs – 10 reps

Your Arm muscles need to work again: to Find you again in the upright supporting position, a Deck in which you have your Butt further upward lift,.

This Time you perform the Exercise, however, when you fold your arms controlled on the Mat and then lift.

4. Run-Through – Lower Body

The last run, your body requires everything. Even if your muscles are shaking, perhaps even pay attention to a clean execution.

  • Reverse plank marches – 10 reps

To lie on your back and place your legs. Your weight is on your upper back and the heels.

Route one-by-one your legs. Burden, nevertheless, only your heels. Your Po must not touch the ground. Full tension is on the agenda.

  • Elevated alternating single leg bridge – 10 reps

Stay lie on your back, place your feet on the chair. A angewinkeltes leg in the direction of the pull of your body.

Lifting during this movement, your Butt with the power of the still existing leg to the top. Sink the hips and leg back down and repeat with the other side.

  • Reverse short stride lunges – 10 reps

The last Exercise of the workout challenges your legs once again. To place you with slightly bent legs.

Now take a really small step to the rear. The step should be so small that your knee is when you come Down next to the middle of the stand.

Return to the starting position and perform the movement with the other side.

After you have completed this run three Times, you have done it already – very good!

Cornelia Bertram

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