What is what is not true, is it?: Eight heat-myths facts check

At temperatures above 30 degrees, most people wear skimpy clothes, to the pool in a Bikini or a bathing suit. The Libido increases at some of the.

But the with the weather? And is it true that it is noon, the hottest on?

Time for a fact check.

1. Warm weather increases the desire to have Sex

Evaluation: True.

Fact: heat is the actual effect on the sex life of.

“Because with the temperatures, our Libido increases,” says gynecologist Sheila de Liz. Sunlight and heat are according to the expert, is incredibly important for our sense of desire, because the body produce more Vitamin D.

The increase of the mood and the concern for relaxation. Less clothing and more bare skin, according to de Liz, of course, additional visual stimuli, which bring the hormones flowing.

2. Heat is bad for Laptop and Smartphone

Rating: Right.

Facts: Something for Uni or work in the Park on the Laptop writing, or with the mobile phone funny Videos? Yes, but please in the shade!

Because electronics should be kept in a cool, advises Alexander Spier from the magazine for computer technology ‘c’t’.

Heat and sun can sometimes lead to adverse effects: The devices work more slowly, it comes to representation of interference on the Display, or the life is shortened.

Not for nothing that modern Smartphones have to be turned off in case of too great heat, in the meantime, by itself, to prevent damage.

3. Warm weather makes for prickly Heat

Evaluation: True.

Facts: A few quiet moments to enjoy in the sun, and can small blisters on body – the so-called heat-pimples.

“They arise glands, due to blocked sweat caused by a build-up of heat,” says Dermatologist Uta Schlossberger. Debt-to-tight, impermeable clothing in the summer is mostly.

But also in wet Places such as on the back, under the armpits or on the décolleté, it often occur. As soon as the body cools, disappear prickly Heat, according to the Doctor again.

4. Flowers are not watering in the summer from above

Evaluation: True.

Facts: water drops on plants in the summer, such as burning glasses, work. Plants do not pour from the top?

“It’s not actually better to do it,” says Isabelle van Groeningen of the Royal garden Academy in Berlin.

Reason was not, however, that the leaves could burn. “But the moisture promotes the formation of mushroom pests”, explains the garden-expert.

5. At midday it is the hottest

Rating: Wrong.

Facts: “night heat” would probably be more accurate. “Because the temperature is on a high summer day, only between 16 and 17 at the highest,” said Andreas Friedrich by the German weather service (DWD).

The degree of Heat reaches its peak coinciding with the peak of the sun, but only delayed.

Then, when the soil is heated maximum and also roads, or roofs giving off heat. In addition, the sun is highest in Germany due to the daylight saving time at 12 noon, but early in the afternoon.

6. A cold shower helps against sweating

Rating: Better not.

Facts: It is tempting, overheated body, ice-cold abzubrausen – in the end, however, it is counterproductive. By the cold water, the body temperature go down only once. Then you sweat but a lot more.

“Because the body is screwed on and the temperature high,” explains Ingo Froböse of the German sport University in Cologne. Especially after a intense workout, a cold cooling is the only Stress for the body.

He advises to let it calm with the temperature approach and to take a shower, first with warm water. You can then rotate step-by-step colder.

7. An ice cold drink is the best refreshment

Rating: Wrong.

Facts: Similar to that of the fresh shower is also in the case of water, soda, and co.

“Cold and ice cold drinks straining the body significantly more than well-tempered, or warm, because he has to spend a lot of energy to regulate the temperature,” says Jan-Christoph Lewejohann of the Asklepios clinic Wandsbek.

Cool Drinks can also lead to stomach problems and discomfort. Therefore, quiet time, a warm pepper mint tea to grab. Also you can freshen up.

8. Bedouin, protect themselves with dark clothing against heat

Assessment: True, with more of the cut is crucial.

Facts: the inhabitants of The deserts of North Africa and the Middle East often wear dark robes. And, although this absorbs, in contrast to white clothes the sun light – why?

Israeli researchers have employed in 1980 with the question.

Your result: the color of The vestments made little difference, but the cut. Because the Bedouins wear their robes loose around the body so it can cool between the layers of air flow therethrough, the removed the heat and the skin.


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