Wednesday workout: Check out these 4 exercises by Yasmin Karachiwala to strengthen your legs

Right in the middle of the week when our workout mood is drooping, celebrity fitness instructor Yasmin Karachiwala pumped up our spirits with her latest fitness video on social media. Giving health freaks a tip on some “fun” workout, Yasmin shared easy, challenging and everyday leg exercises that one can loop into their robust workout routine to land up with strong and well-toned legs.

Taking to her Instagram handle, the diva shared a video from the gym that took fans through a visual representation of four leg exercises which also sculpts the butt, hips, abs and are even ideal for those with back problems. From box jump to wall bridge with theraloop, squat thrust and deadlift, Yasmin suggested “25 reps x 3 sets of these exercises to feel them strengthening” so as to have legs that help not only to walk, jump and balance but also support the body to enjoy everyday activities.

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Working out your Legs is as important as other body parts. So here’s a fun Legs workout for you! Do 25 reps x 3 sets of these exercises to feel them strengthening! 1. Box Jump 2. Wall Bridge with Theraloop 3. Squat Thrust 4. Deadlift #reelitfeelit #yasminkarachiwala #legsworkout #theraloop #box #squats #workoutreels #deadlift #lunge #workout #crickettogether

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Box jump

This is an explosive workout done on a plyometric box to tone your legs, butt and core. While it is considered the best exercise for legs, it is important to not lock your knees and quads as that could hurt when you land on the box. Remember to drop your hips to absorb the force.

Wall bridge with theraloop

While the theraloop or the resistance band around your thighs makes the exercise harder, it tones your hips, thighs, butt and core.

Squat Thrust

These are done while standing up and without any extra weight or by balancing both the hands on a wall or flat on the floor. While they too sculpt the butt, hips and abs, they do not strain the back and on the contrary are ideal for those with back problems.


This exercise targets your butt, hips and upper legs and strengthens the hamstrings, glutes, low back and upper back. Relying on core strength to stabilise one’s body throughout the lift, deadlifts also work on one’s abs.

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