Unleash Your Animal Side with the Bear to Gorilla Row Series

What if you could train your back muscles, challenge your abs, build challenge an underrated level of agility, and drive your heart rate through the roof all at once?

That’s exactly what you’ll do during the Bear Row to Gorilla Row, the latest back-building move from Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. It’s a move that starts with a row that challenges your core and glutes as you battle anti-rotation, then transitions to a heavier-load row that pushes you to lift double the weight you just did. “You’re getting a variety of training stimuli here,” says Samuel, “and testing yourself in multiple ways.”

The greatest overall test is one of stability. The bear plank position challenges core stability and shoulder stability, and those two ideas get ratcheted up another degree once you introduce the single-arm row from that position. Your shoulder has to stabilize by grounding into the ground while the other side rows. “And can you keep your hips square as you do this?” asks Samuel. “It takes a combination of glute and core strength to make that happen.”

That’s followed by a dose of athleticism, as you jump your feet forward, and then you lift heavy weight. “You’re lifting double the weight with both arms,” says Samuel. “That’s simple, but it’s challenging your entire frame to manage a heavier-load row.”

You’re hoping back and forth between those positions, the bear plank and the gorilla row posture, throughout the move, and that delivers underrated benefits. Your feet must continually find position and your core must stiffen quickly and efficiently to handle each row. Can you tighten your abs in a moment? That’ll help you in sports and it readies your body for any and every action. And can you stabilize through your lower body from two drastically different postures? That’s the challenge.

You’ll need a pair of kettlebells to take on the Bear to Gorilla Row.

The Bear Row to Gorilla Row is an especially versatile back move that can fit into your routine in a variety of ways. It’s perfect in a total-body circuit, attacking your back, biceps, and abs, and delivering underrated glute challenge. It can also rock your back as either a finishing exercise in a back workout or even a lead exercise if you challenge yourself with the weight. And it can work well in any upper-body or push-pull session as well.

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