This Is the 1 Worst Lie We've Been Told About Donald Trump's Health

Although Donald Trump’s presidential physical pronounced the 71-year-old to be in “excellent health” the trail of Big Macs say otherwise. He gloats about his sedentary lifestyle and supreme mental cognition, but what is really going on?

Should you be concerned?

Trump’s first physical was brief

Dr. Harold Bornstein | CNN via YouTube

Candidate Trump’s doctor, Dr. Harold Bornstein said in 2015, “His health is excellent, especially his mental health,” NBC News reports. Bornstein issued a letter that included commentary on a few brief test results and the doctor’s anecdotal opinion.

Meanwhile, candidate Hillary Clinton’s physician released a two-page letter that detailed the presidential candidate’s health.

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Trump’s doctor admits to writing the assessment in minutes

Trump allegedly had someone waiting outside while Bornstein wrote the statement. | Molly Riley/AFP/Getty Images

Bornstein admits to hastily writing the letter in only five minutes, while a car waited for the document, The Atlantic reports. The letter contained “Trump-like” language such as saying the medical examination showed “only positive results” and Trump’s labs and blood pressure were “astonishingly excellent,” according to The New York Times.

The doctor said he normally would not use similar language for other patients but did so after picking up on Trump’s vernacular. “I think I picked up his kind of language and then just interpreted it to my own,” he told NBC News.

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Bornstein said Trump would be the healthiest president in history

Trump and Obama couldn’t be more different. | Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Bornstein’s letter was scrutinized for including the statement, “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency,” The New York Times reports.

When questioned about the declaration, Bornstein said, “I like that sentence to be quite honest with you and all the rest of them are either sick or dead,” NBC News reports. Adding that past presidents had dementia, tumors, were paranoid or psychotic.

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This 1 statement makes us think Bornstein could be lying for Trump

Trump seemingly doesn’t have many healthy habits. | Donald Trump via Twitter

Bornstein met with NBC News about the letter and changed his tone saying, “I don’t think he’s in any better or worse than the average person that goes and exercises every single day. Doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink — and that’s simply the best advantage you can have to live — and he’s got a good family history.”

He also added that he was a Trump fan and said, “I like Donald Trump because I think he likes me.” This statement may call into question the true credibility of Trump’s medical assessment.

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Trump declares his own health to be ‘perfection’ before his doctor’s assessment

Trump tweets about his perfect health days before Bornstein’s letter goes public. Which begs the question: Did Trump tell his doctor what to write in the letter? And will the public ever truly know Trump’s mental and physical state? Probably not.

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His presidential physical showed no critical issues, but his cholesterol was high

Dr. Ronny Jackson said the president was in good health. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

After his first presidential physical, White House physician Dr. Ronny L. Jackson declared Trump to be “in excellent health,” The New York Times reports. “His cardiac health is excellent,” Dr. Jackson said. “He doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t have diabetes — a lot of the traditional risk factors he doesn’t have. And so I think those things, in combination with the excellent cardiac results that we got from the exercise stress test, I think, are very reassuring.”

However, tests showed Trump’s LDL cholesterol numbers to be at 143, significantly higher than the goal number of 100 or less.

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His sedentary lifestyle raises ‘big red flags’

Medical professionals were concerned over Jackson’s data. | Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

The medical community expressed concern over Jackson’s reporting as Trump’s elevated cholesterol numbers increases his risk for a heart attack, according to The New York Times. Several cardiologists, who never examined Trump, said his LDL numbers should be around 70 or less.

Doctors say Trump’s numbers, combined with his fast food diet and sedentary lifestyle raises a “big red flag.”

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