The Morning Routine Jessica Alba Swears By

To call Jessica Alba a busy woman would be a serious understatement. In an interview with Well And Good, Jess, revealed her morning routine before she starts her busy day acting, writing books, co-running The Honest Company and Honest Beauty and looking after her two beautiful kids. It leaves us very few excuses for not getting up and making the most of each day.

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Jess wakes up at 5.30am everyday, that’s if her two cheeky kids haven’t woken her up already. She gets ready for her morning workout, although she admits that working out isn’t her favourite past time but it’s a great stress reliever and where she gets a lot of her ideas. She often does a spin class or hot yoga class with friends to keep her motivated.

“Being healthy and strong makes me feel confident and beautiful.”

After a quick post-workout shower she has 5-10 minutes to do her makeup. Her routine consists of primer, tinted moisturiser, concealer, eyebrow filler, bronzer, cream blush, eyebrow curler, mascara and a bitta lippy.

For breakfast she usually has an almond milk coffee and our favourite avocado toast or a coconut water smoothie. After a quick check of the news, social media and of course some cuddles with her girls she is already to go!

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