Technology and co.: 8 tips for healthy grilling

When grilling you can’t do much wrong, thought many yet. Now you know better.

The preparation of Food over an open fire carries with it – quite the contrary – namely some of the case trick.

Tom Heinzle, BBQ-expert and author of the book, white: in addition to the choice of barbecued food Grill accessories, as well as the type of the preparation are not critical, so that the barbecue is fixed to the Poison. With these eight tips to succeed in it.

1. Who grills in green, grilling on the longest

Who loves vegetables, the healthy grilling ahead. Because even with vegetarian food, you can Empire is a colorful, varied and, above all, low-calorie Barbecue to commit.

How about instead of Sausage, so with the Grill-asparagus sprinkled with Parmesan, corn on the cob, sweet potato columns, and vegetable skewers?

Meanwhile, there are a lot of grill accessories that allows you to cook vegetables on the grill not only easier, but also totally new variants, for example, with vegetable baskets.

Weber grill master David people is to bear in mind also that “you should choose vegetables that have similar cooking point, or if not, you cut the vegetables of varying thickness. For example, carrots need to be cut more slim and Paprika wider.”

To prevent the vegetables from drying out on the Grill, he advises that “salt only immediately before or during grilling because the salt drains very quickly, just the vegetables, the water, and then a lot of taste can be lost”.

Also the Dessert, it is worthwhile to put on the gifts of mother earth. Grilled fruit wins by a couple of minutes on the Grill, a special flavor, such as pineapple, banana, water melon, fruit skewers (these include natural yogurt as a Topping).

Fill up on vegetables and salads is not only healthier, it also allows more room for manoeuvre in high-quality animal products.

2. In the case of fish and meat to seal eighth

For whom it is meat and fish must be, should pay attention to sustainability and quality.

A lot of protein and healthy fats: fish-grilling fish on the Grill uncomplicated and low-fat prepared. The nutrients remain largely intact. Classics for example, shrimp skewers or salmon fillet, extra lean sole, and tuna fillets are also.

Tip: These can be wrapped in vegetable leaves (e.g. banana) leaves; this is prevented in the case of particularly delicate fish, that he falls apart.

The seal you look for when purchasing Fish, the MSC, the Naturland wild fish, organic or the ASC label should.

Meat lovers need not do without

Who doesn’t want to miss out on the grilled meat absolutely, do not need this. But, even here, a choice is healthier than the other.

In the case of meat this is, stance marking levels 3 or 4 buy and on Animal welfare label ‘For animal protection’ (entry-level or premium level) to look for.

In addition, it is worthwhile not only because of the calories, to marinate meat to be grilled themselves. In the case of pre-marinated products, namely the quality of the product can be worse evaluated.

Also, the type of meat, it is important to note a few things.

  • Lean meat grilling: in other words, Steak instead of Sausage and the Fat cut off. Also, steaks have little fat and much Protein, as chicken (per 100 g, only 2 g of fat, 20 g Protein). It is different in the case of pig meat. This, therefore, prefer to omit.
  • For example, with lime juice, olive oil and sea salt)to marinate instead of ready marinated (buy
  • And the most important rule: Nothing Cured grilling! From nitrite pökelsalzen when Heated, carcinogenic nitrosamines can occur.

Picture gallery: Healthy salads for barbecues

3. With the right charcoal grill

The right charcoal can be seen on a seal, at the election of the lighter Bio-seal of the eighth.

The cheapest link in the chain – and therefore also the one with the greatest potential danger – is, according to barbecue expert Tom Heinzle of the igniter.

He advises, therefore, to rely on Bio-igniter made of candle wax without the use of fossil fuels. These odor-free and poison are absolutely free.

In any case, the liquid fuel should be used alcohol. This collects on the Grill and, ultimately, food. The recording is not only harmful to health, the alcohol also affects the taste.

The tip of the expert: A heat gun can also be used as igniter to function. Hereby, it is prevented from the Outset, that the chemicals get in the food or the Grill.

Also, the wrong kind of barbecue charcoal can change the taste of the barbecued food. “The coal, which was ten years ago, is not to compare with today,” says the expert, because, in the meantime, it would be to buy more pure variety of coal.

Pure beech or oak charcoal is not tropical or coniferous wood added. When these burn, poison substances. Pure hard wood charcoal, one must therefore also by annealing.

In construction – and supermarkets nowadays, there are more coals with than without the seal in the range, but, for example, at petrol stations, you should be careful of what you are buying.

The pure hard wood charcoal can be recognized by a FSC or a PEFC seal.

4. The technique is indirect grilling

With the barbecue technique and not just the taste, it is also crucial for the formation of poison. In the case of a charcoal barbecue Oil from marinades or fat from the meat drip into the coals and burn can.

In the resulting smoke is harmful to health substances (PAHS, or Polycyclic Aromatic hydrocarbons) are contained, which can settle on the food.

In his Grill-cookbooks Tom Heinzle explains in detail how to grill indirectly. This is the gentlest version, food to prepare, and it lowers also the risk that toxic gases are generated. The secret is not to position the food to be grilled directly over the heat source, but to the left or to the right of it.

The electric or gas grill can be controlled by a Controller of the areas to be heated. When the charcoal grill charcoal baskets to help, or you placed the coal to the sides of the grill, so the center remains free.

The food is cooked indirectly by the heat from the sides. Fish, meat and co. controlled to be even, not in the smoke, and there was no Marinade or fat drip onto the coals can.

Basically, the fatter the meat, the shorter it may be on the Grill. For the preparation of the pork chops, the expert advises thus: “Only indirectly, grilling, until the meat has reached about 58°C. Then again 20 to 30 seconds of grilling directly over the coals, so the typical barbecue flavor.”

5. With the right accessories grilling

Tom Heinzle discourages aluminium shells, because he has seen in the preparation of marinades often, as the acid dissolves the Material.

He will not, in General, to Aluminium, as this is better for the environment, health and taste. But if nothing else is to Hand, he advises, to place a layer of parchment paper between the aluminum and the food, so that no particles get to the food.

For fish or vegetables, the grill expert self-uses, for example, stainless steel baskets, Teflon coated Grill-mats, and Tongs made of stainless steel. The grill mats are made of heat resistant plastic and can therefore be used and washed again.

Another favorite utensil is the author of the Book the grill plate Plancha is. This cast iron plate is simply placed on the grate is prevented thanks to the coating, the Glue from the fish and grilling small pieces of vegetables easily.

As the Name suggests, the Trend with the Plancha from Spain. The BBQ experts from Weber to swear on the grill method with the cast iron plate.

Hereby, also eggs, omelets and Pancakes are perfectly cooked.

6. Side dishes, sauces and marinades make

The potato salad, it does not always have the finished product with Mayonnaise. Self-made natural yoghurt comes in and saves a lot of calories.

Finished products are not only often on the fat as a flavor carrier, also hidden sugar makes the purchased variant is usually the worse choice.

Nothing is easier made than a salad. Here only needs to be a little bit snipped off and whipped up a fresh dish. Instead of the greasy garlic bread, then it was on to the cutting boards.

In a colorful salad, almost everything is allowed. Also fruit can provide variety. Chicory salad, for example, is quite excellent with Grapefruit or Orange or combine of green leaf lettuce with watermelon.

Guacamole is just one of the Stars among the self-made Dips. Also, Hummus is quick and easy to made. Basically, you can’t go wrong when you prepared his sauces on the Basis of cottage cheese, natural yoghurt or fresh cheese.

And also marinades can be easy with a bit of olive oil, lemon juice, honey, spices, etc. self-touch.

Weber grill master David Volke reveals this: “Marin will be applied to Aden at the best with a brush, because at a barbecue: The fatty or oily my food is, the more my Grill developed Smoke and starts to smoke.”

7. On the Hygiene

In the kitchen and in food preparation anyway a Must, but since when grilling a lot of raw animal products will be handled, should be given to the Hygiene here, special attention.

It is recommended to use different Cutlery and dishes for raw food as to the food: raw meat can contain germs.

Then everything that was in contact with raw meat or fish should be carefully with hot water and detergent cleaned.

Germs forming on sauces, marinades or side dishes that contain eggs. Especially when they are in the sun, there is the risk of nucleation.

8. So please don’t! Barbecue-No-Gos

Never in rooms grilling – even in garages or semi-open winter garden – because carbon monoxide is toxic. A poisoning can be fatal.

Thereof, the use of residual heat as a heat source, it discourages the consumer, therefore, explicitly.

Never waste paper or regular wood for fireplace use. Both can develop when Burned, cancer-causing substances. At best only the white gluten-crickets, if there is no smoke development.

Also here (in the charcoal) to seal eighth. The FSC seal, for example, indicates sustainable forestry.


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