Sun learning support?: With these tips from Kayla Itsines’s works

In addition to pull-UPS belong to the kind of Bodyweight Exercise, which is not run just like that without Training just.

If you want to try, but nevertheless, finally to Push-Ups, now is probably the right moment.

Because Fitness Influencerin Kayla Itsines on your Instagram channel posted a Video that shows you what Exercises you can to go slowly to the right, push – UPS-and what you can do, if you’re already a true Push-Up master.

Slowly increase

“If you spent never support you, start made from the front,” says the power woman your now 12 million Fans in the Post. “If you feel strong and sure, you can go a step further.”

The Video includes seven different push-up variations. Three of them are Exercises to help you slow on the “correct” Push-Up grope.

After you normal succeed pushups without any problems, Kayla can still three more Exercises in store, which you can use to prove your worth and you even more.

The correct version

But no matter which of the Exercises you go into the Training, some aspects are to be observed in the execution, always:

  • Your hands placed directly under your shoulders, fingertips pointing forward.
  • Put the body from head to toe a Straight line.
  • Press you so far from the ground as is possible.
  • The elbows point to the back and not side to side.

Exercises to prepare for

The first three Exercises, the Kayla is presenting, will result in your body only once to the motion and your muscles slowly strengthen.

1. Push-Ups on the knees

This is probably the most common Exercise, with the athlete spent to prepare the right amount of support.

The movement is identical with the pushups, but the main load of your body rests with this variation on your knees. As a result, you don’t need so much force to push you to the top.

2. Incline Push-Ups

For this Exercise you need a bench or a similar stable object. Position your hands on the increase, this Time will be charged instead of the knee in addition to your feet.

Run now to the Bank’s support by sun. Eighth, in spite of the increase to the fact that the Armtechnik is clean.

3. Negative Push-Ups

Start in the upright pushup position. Let you out of this very slow and controlled down.

In this posture you can place your knees on the floor and then back up to the starting position.

4. Normal Pushups

You have mastered the previous Exercises, you can apply to the “normal” pushups wagon. Again: pay attention to the correct technique.

The body forms a line, the hands are placed under the shoulders and the elbows point to the back.

Exercises for the Advanced

You can multiple deck run support in a row clean? Very good!

You appear to be the proper Push-Ups at some point easily, it’s time for a little more spice to bring in the whole matter.

5. Decline Push-Ups

For this Pro version, you will need again in the Bank. This Time, they will be placed, however, in the case of your feet so they are higher than your torso.

From this Position, the push-UPS are performed. Since the main burden now rests on your hands, is the execution to the beginning of probably not quite so simple. But Practice makes the master!

6. Alternating Push-Ups with Ball

For this Exercise, you will need a Ball. Attack in the best case, to a medicine ball – this is thanks to its weight, a greater resistance and is also more stable.

Position the Ball under one Hand, with the other you supports you stable on the ground. Am now in this Position, a support by sun.

As soon as you’re back in the starting position, roll the Ball to the other Hand. Place these out and perform the next Push-Up.

7. Snap Push-Ups

The last of Kayla Exercise as it is truly in itself, because it calls for not just your Arm and chest muscles, but by the jumps also your endurance. However, you will need a Bosu Balance Trainer.

Position these in front of you, with the rubber side down. Go in the upright pushup position and hold it with the hands to the sides of the Bosus.

Now jump with your feet forward and back. Then run a support by sun. Your hands stay the whole time, firmly on the Bosu.

Cornelia Bertram

*The contribution of “horizontal learning support?: With these tips from Kayla Itsines’s” works published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.