Sports medicine physician explains: As healthy Workouts in the cold

A sports trend from the USA promises to be highly effective Training, without thereby inevitably breaking a sweat. How that’s possible?

Using icy temperatures! In the case of the so-called “Cold workout” is in fact trained at -40 to -50 degrees Celsius.

The winter cold to get to the gym

Train, when it freezes the stone and the leg – a concept that has invented the New York-based fitness Studio chain Brrrn and market just the properties of the winter sent knew.

Because of the cold facts in front of the door of the movement, sway, is a modern human phenomenon, since there are delivery services and no one is more in the snow to hunt for his food need.

Well, it turns out, more and more, as healthy and, above all, character conducive it will be to drive even in cold weather sports.

For fitness studios, a welcome new source of revenue: in the Meantime, are no longer regulated only at the pioneer Brrrn, but also in other American gyms the temperatures down, to provide customers with a frosty-happy training program to offer.

Advantages of Workout in the cold

But why the Training in the cold is so beneficial? According to Dr. Karen M. Sutton, sports medicine specialist at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, can relieve cold temperatures, for example, inflammation in the body.

In an Interview with ‘Popsugar’ she explains that one must also work harder to warm up, which means more calories than when Training with moderate outside temperatures were burned.

A nice side effect is also that you would feel after Training in the cold, more energetic and more alert.

Risk of dehydration

With all the advantages, there are also a few risks when it comes to Winter Workout. Perhaps the greatest is to become dehydrated.

“A cold, exercise can induce the body to feel, neither the need for water to have enough to eat,” explains Dr. Sutton.

It is important to drink before the workout is a little, in order to ensure an adequate fluid balance in the body.

The muscles get used to the cold

In addition, the muscles are strained at low temperatures. Not to overload you with information, you should start about first of all, warm clothes, and only after, and after, when the muscles are warm, of each of the layers of Clothing release.

From the cold, favor muscle spasms prevent this, you should also just step the intensity of the training increase and to avoid quick, abrupt movements in the beginning.

He who heeds these tips, however, will find a cold fast his new training friend. If the Training is transferred to the outside and not into the air-conditioned fitness Studio, also increases the mood, because in the fresh air and also the Vitamin-D memory to be filled up.

The special Cold Workouts in Germany are not offered for Outdoor Training in the cold, the findings should encourage but still.

Larissa Bright Mouth

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