Obesity and social Isolation: children’s, doctors warn Smartphone use

E-Mails to answer, Social Media check, make Transfers Smartphones are an indispensable part of the everyday life.

The electronic devices have become an integral part in the lives of many adults, is no longer a secret.

However, more and more children and young people already have access to a cell phone or even have one of your own.

The health insurance company Pronova BKK examined in the survey, “Smart Grow up in 2019?” the health risks of children of all age groups most affected were the ten – to 13-Year-olds.

The results were published in a press release.

At this age children get their first Smartphone

Nowadays, not only adults own a Smartphone, even the Youngest can already deal with mobile phone, Tablet and game console.

Dr. Gerd Herold, a consulting physician for the Pronova BKK declared to ‘pharmacy’: “between The ages of 10 and 13 years, many children get their first own Smartphone. The should parents, but also teachers and educators can shake up and to move to accompany children when dealing with their own equipment closely.“

Thomas Fischbach, President of the ‘professional Association of child and youth doctors’ warns that already small children use Smartphones and Tablets. He therefore urges: “No cell phone before the age of eleven!”

Children’s doctors are sounding the Alarm

On behalf of the insurance company Pronova BKK, the study was conducted in October 2019.

In an Online survey of 100 resident children were doctors, and pediatricians were interviewed.

In the detailed analysis of the risk of various diseases in children of all age groups was taken more exactly under the magnifying glass – the results are frightening.

The children interviewed doctors are sounding the Alarm, and warn of possible health damage through Smartphone, Tablet and co.

Obesity through the use of media

Around nine out of ten children, and doctors attributed in the studies Obesity and social abnormalities on the use of computers and Smartphones.

To said 79 percent of the Doctors that you have seen in the past five years, social disorders in their young patients – children isolated from their social environment.

An increase of Obesity in children could also be detected 75 percent of the Doctors have confirmed that more and more children weigh too much.

Eight out of ten children, and doctors the causes of this diagnosis saw an increased use of media by children and were a danger to all age groups.

Motor skills are severely limited

The difficulties of the increased use of media usually start earlier than expected – a third of the pediatricians managed to diagnose in the under three years of deficits.

The Latest to be disturbed, for example, in motor development, which could be due to the fact that this age group find that Smartphones and Tablets in the hands.

Stella Beck, health educator of the Pronova BKK, explains: “Uncontrolled media consumption of young children can damage their development in many ways: The children move too little, are inhibited in their language development and their creativity can flourish.”

This age group is affected the most

It affected all age groups from health problems due to increased use of media, however, two – thirds of the Doctors to see the health of Kindergarten-and primary school children between the ages of three and nine years as a significantly vulnerable.

Teenagers between 14 and 17 years of age seem to be the burden of the media a little better holster.

Half of the pediatricians were able to but nevertheless, also for this age group, health problems of Smartphone usage in the context.


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Antonia Hagedorn

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