New study: Daily weigh-in of the Christmas season keeps you slim

Just in the Christmas season, it is difficult for many to maintain their weight. The temptation is just too great.

The heavy food, lots of sweets, mulled wine & Co. have a few Extra pounds on the scale.

A new study shows that you can prevent this unwanted weight gain, but with a very simple medium: Daily weigh-in in the gourmet time to help keep their weight under control and to keep the Extra pounds at Bay.

Weight management with smart scales

In the course of their study, a team of researchers from the University of Georgia examined the weight history of 111 people.

Half received a smart scale and should weigh-in every day from Thanksgiving (end of November) until the beginning of the new year. You should make sure that your weight exceeds the initial weight.

Smart scales are connected to the Internet and keep all the data in one App, which keeps the course of the body weight is graphically solid.

The second group acted as a control group.

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Daily weighing helps

In the evaluation, the researchers came to the conclusion that the people who should weigh yourself daily, did not increase in the same period, but most of their weight held.

Those before the beginning of the study overweight had decreased to around 1.46 kg.

The individuals the control group had increased between Thanksgiving and the new year, around 2.65 kg. Although they had lost for 14 weeks after the new year some of the Extra Kilos again, but were still about 1.5 pounds heavier than the beginning of the study.

No Extra Kilos in the festive season

The scientists came to the conclusion that daily weigh-in can prevent weight gain during the Christmas season.

From the daily weight control of obese individuals have been the main beneficiaries: These declined due to the daily weighing, even in the Christmas season.


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