Januhairy: behind The Trend, to not shave

Hairy armpits, legs and pubic area in a woman is considered in society, often considered taboo.

Many women resort to shaver, epilator or wax strips to get rid of – because it conforms to a certain stereotypical body image.

To fight against this social Norm was created in the last year for the first Time, the Januhairy to life.

A month without shaving

Initiator Laura would like to show with action that it’s totally okay to leave as a woman hair on armpits, legs, or other parts of the body grow.

Her plea: In January, the hairs don’t grab the first time razor and see how that feels for your body.

“The company is behaving as if the natural hair is to our body unattractive and uncomfortable. We are so accustomed to remove hair on our body that we are familiar with our authentic Self. Januhairy is an Experiment in which women come together, encourage each other, to let in January the hair to grow“, – stated in Laura’s first instagram Post.

By Januhairy to self-love

It all started remove with a One-woman play by Laura, for she stopped, the hair from your body. “To love when you start for the first time, and to accept what you did your whole life, hated and what you were ashamed, then that is incredibly liberating and self-empowering,” describes Laura in an Interview with now.

Only, as she sat by the shaving abstinence with your own body apart, you could start to accept yourself and to love: “Only today I realize how I’ve screwed over my body. Because in order to be a ‘good woman’, you have to edit all the time of your alleged shortcomings: You have to be thinner, more Make-Up to wear a certain hair cut, bigger Breasts, smaller Breasts, better Hair, clearer skin.”

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Meanwhile, more and more women in the movement to close. With the Hashtag #Januhairy photos of the Experiment to allow for the natural body hair simply grow to be shared on Instagram. Behind the testimonials on your own, altered perception of their body stuck.

Also reactions of friends, family or even Strangers will be divided to show: Every body is individual and everyone should decide for themselves about him. And if you don’t want to shave precisely, which is completely okay.

Call for donations for the climate

With the promotion shall be made only on the topic of society and female body hair, but at the same time a fundraiser will be supported.

With the Motto “Grow out your hair to clear out the air!” will be collected this year, money for the organization tree sisters, the working space for reforestation in the tropics and the protection of natural life.

For Laura, the connection between climate activism and the Januhairy clear: “We put our body in their original condition and protect it so that we can all grow. This analogy may sound a bit absurd, but I think you’re beautiful.”

Luisa High Brink

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