Hiking: the Alps cross

The long distance path E5 from Oberstdorf to Meran köAmateur athletes bew&auml can;a casi. The best tips für the challenge Transalp

Enchanted: The Lower festival site with Memminger Hütte in Tirol

Approximately half the stage on day two, somewhere on the way from the Kemptner to the Memminger Hütte, hängt this sign on the roadside: "Love Climbers and mountaineers. We möyou want to point out that this is the last place in the Madautal you call your loved one at home, E-Mails ­read and photos on Facebook, as well as Insta­gram load köcan. The mobile phone network is almost non-existent, if at all, not to Zams. We wüa good hike and relaxing hours wish you still offline."

Here in the Seitentälearning in the Alps is with each Högain not only the air dümen, but also the Mobilfunk­reception schwächer. "The idea, on the mountain müsse everything is running and functioning as in the valley, you should at a Alpenütrek over to better home lassen", rät the BergwanderfüProfessor Nina Ruhland.

Go on, if nothing more goes

Since years, the German Alpen&shy observed;Association (DAV) a rush to the mountain world. Not only experienced mountaineers, more and more Amateur athletes are aiming high. Find peace, sports to prove, a little adventure, or simply a Trend to follow. Zehn­thousands of people every summer on the way über the Alps. Für some of the knowledge that you will have when Hiking is no Internet, is a challenge already. And it is not the only one.

Most common Route üon the summit – especially in the case of Inexperienced – is a stage of the long distance path E5 from Oberstdorf in the Allgäu to Südtiroler Merano. There are several Tour options. A führt in six Tages­stages üon the main Alpine ridge, and by three Lä. You with the appropriate Training für hobby hikers feasible.
Day two ends at the Memminger Hütte – after seven hours, almost 800 meters of steep climb. "Alpenüberquerer need a good level of fitness, sure-footedness and freedom from dizziness. Außerdem a großit is heart and a strong Kopf", Ruhland says. To go further, if gefünothing more hlt actually is.

The Höhe is not in this variant, the path is the Problem. The hömost point, the Similaunhütte in the Ötztal Alps below the glacier, is located on üabout 3000 meters. "As a Wanderer you notice up there is a slight Leistungsreduktion", the Sport says – and Höhenmediziner Dr. Christoph Dehnert from Zürich. More but mostly not.

Test hike

GrößEUA problems düare likely to überlas­tete knee joints and Tendons by the force – and nervous-ready-consuming descents. Not properly broken-in shoes or socks from the wrong Material köcan cause blisters. And in the case of a heavy backpack R&uuml threaten;block pain. Tip of an expert Ruhland: möas far as possible little take. "Nobody needs on the mountain every day, a fresh T-Shirt."

Physical condition and strength köcan hikers in advance with endurance sports training. And should it necessarily do so. Those who suffer from pre-existing conditions, for example hypertension, should üabout the Bergpläne with his doctor to talk. Physicians Dehnert rät außto erdem, for Test tours, are at least as long as the lälongest planned leg of the trip. In the flat country. "Who is the sample, complaint free übersteht, will create a multi-day tour."

On the track Oberstdorf–Meran takes a stage for the day before nine hours – the draw really. But at some point the H&uuml appears after the last bend;tte on. And ­all is well. You can finally the rain or Schweiß durch­näbiggest clothes store and a simple meal genießen, which seems to be mostly compared with the flat land tax.


In six days, according to Merano

But above all, you can &uuml up here;berwäl­consolidating panoramas genießen: grün-covered, gently undulating Berg­rücover with pink Alpen­rose, and blue gentian. You can see kämpfende Steinböcke on Felsvorsprüslopes above türkis leuch­tender pools. Whistling davon­zockelnde and mountain pine disappearing at the end of marmots. The Füße and legs – you will be in pain tomorrow.

UV-protection and blister plasters

With the Knowledge of what one has done, the sight of a double schön. The zerklüfteten rocks of the lake Charte looked from below so threatening, and then climb up. Since the sulzigen snow are fields in which you do not sink even in the height of summer up to the knees – what is no matter, because the mountain boots anyway, still moist from the previous day. And, not least, the dirty beam, majestätables glacier tongues, the Wan­those teachings, which in addition to toothpaste, blister plasters necessarily in the Gepäck should be: sun protection für the skin and eyes. And a warm layer for Underneath.

The reward was a Gelato

Mountain expert Ruhland and Höhenmediziner more tips have Dehnert of Europe: with card material and Wanderfüe prepare, both of which take. Each stage schedule is at the end of müde but not vöcompletely erschöpft. Time buffer für factor in the case of a change in the Weather pattern, rain protection think. Üovernight stays on the Hütten book. With little experience a gefüled Tour book.

After Allgäu and the Tyrol, according to Käsespätzle and Kaspressknödel the Tour ends on day six in Merano. After a last long descent shoes down. Then a Gelato. It is well-deserved.   

Practical Professional Tips

Stöcke relieve the knees downhill, uphill to help and give support in difficult Gelände.

Functional clothing made of Merino wool wäwet on cold days, synthetic fibers with silver dry rmt in the heat quickly. Both "geruchsfreundlich".

Ohrstöpsel schüwill appreciate in the Dormitory in front of snorers.

Füße in the mountain stream hängen is not a good idea – no matter how heiß it is. Who then with damp Füßin the socks schlüpft, get bubbles.

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