‘Good Morning America’ Host Reveals Exactly How She Dropped 72 Pounds and Kick-Started Her Career

Show business is harsh, especially when it comes to judging women’s bodies. No one knows this better than Good Morning America correspondent Tory Johnson.

Two years ago Johnson was stunned when she was told to either lose weight for find another job, she wrote in a CNN opinion piece. Faced with having to make a do or die decision, Johnson embarked upon a transformation that may have not only saved her career, but also her life. The biggest secret to her success is shared on page 5.

1. She purged her cupboard

She was prepared for the change. | AndreyPopov/iStock/Getty Images

 Johnson set herself up for success by removing any tempting foods from her home, she wrote in a Good Housekeeping opinion piece. “Though I’ve been good, the temptation is too great. All of the foods on my “no list” — and that includes all carbs — have to go. That means even healthy ones, like brown rice, because I know from past experience that I’d start with them and soon be back to the white versions.”

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2. Johnson started doing this

Keeping a food journal really worked for her. | iStock/Getty Images

Removing temptation at home allowed Johnson to eat less. She also tracked exactly what she ate. “My little trick became if I could name everything I ate that day in under 10 seconds I was doing fine,” she wrote in CNN.

Food tracking often provides a path to success, according to NPR. Plenty of food tracking apps can help like MyFitnessPal and MyPlate.

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3. She banished this diet trick many love

She resisted the urge to have a cheat day. | PhotoAllel/iStock/Getty Images

Plenty of weight loss experts contend that incorporating one “cheat day” can help with weight loss efforts. However, Johnson decided she couldn’t chance it and had zero cheat days during her weight loss journey.

“While many diets prescribe a weekly day off for good behavior, I knew that didn’t work for me,” she wrote in her CNN piece. “I’d wait until my cheat day arrived, eat every offender I could find, and before long I’d be back to eating with abandon full-time.”

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4. Doing this was easy because…

Exercise became just another healthy habit. | iStock.com/Wavebreakmedia

Moving more was easy for Johnson because she wasn’t moving at all, she wrote in CNN. “Taking the stairs, walking to and from work and strolling around the block a few times a day evolved into a daily walk on the treadmill next to my bed.”

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5. This is one big reason why she succeeded

Tory Johnson speaks out about her changes. | Lisa Lake/Getty Images for Pennsylvania Conference for Women

Johnson says there isn’t one magic bullet for weight loss, however she shared this huge insight that makes a difference. “You can’t begin this journey until you’re ready — really ready,” she wrote in Good Housekeeping. You have to choose: preference or priority.” She said her preference would be to eat whatever wanted but her priority was to lose a lot of weight. That overrides her preference.

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6. This helps you stay positive

A little help keeps her positive. | Lisa Lake/Getty Images for Pennsylvania Conference for Women

Losing weight is a lengthy process and sometimes it isn’t easy to stay motivated. Johnson used body shapers to smooth bulges and give the appearance of weight loss. “The shapewear doesn’t shave off pounds, but it does smooth out my still substantial curves,” she wrote in Good Housekeeping. She wore her shapewear one morning and a crew member said, “Hey, you’re losing weight. Good for you.”

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7. This is why weight loss was different this time

She tried trendy diets like Atkins, but it didn’t work for her. | Atkins

In the past Johnson tried a bevy of diets from “Atkins to The Zone, cabbage soup to the Cookie Diet.” She’d lose a little weight but the scale would zoom back up again after she’d return to normal eating. “I came to conclude that diets simply pause bad behavior, and this time merely pausing wasn’t good enough,” she wrote in her CNN article.

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8. Weight loss may add longevity

She mostly just wants to stay healthy. | Lisa Lake/Getty Images for Pennsylvania Conference for Women

Johnson said the mandate to lose weight gave her a strong reason to get serious about losing weight, short of having a heart attack or developing type 2 diabetes.

Obesity can also be the culprit to developing sleep apnea, liver disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, gout, gallstones, and certain cancers according to Medicine Net.

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