German study of Corona: One-fifth of the clinic’s patients Covid-19 died

A good fifth of the Corona-patients who were admitted in the spring in the German hospitals, has not survived, according to a study.

Particularly high mortality with 53 percent in patients who were ventilated was, as is clear from an analysis of the Scientific Institute of the AOK (Wido), the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and emergency medicine (Divi) and the Technical University of Berlin emerges.

Overall, the study was based on data from approximately 10,000 patients, of which about 1700 respiration were. Of the hospital patients were not beamtet, died 16 percent.

The analysis, published in the journal ‘The Lancet Respiratory Medicine’, provides according to the message of the authors of Wednesday for the first time, nationwide, and population representative results for the treatment of Covid-19-patients in Germany.

Source of accounting data of the health insurance Fund AOK were. This is a third of the German population were scarce, it said.

The examined data relate to patients, the between 26. February, and 19. April have been included in the 920 German hospitals inpatient.

“The high mortality rates make it clear that in the clinics, a relatively large number of patients were treated with a very severe course of the disease. These heavy gradients, tend to relate to the elderly and the health of the already affected people, but also occur in younger patients,” says Wido-managing Director Jürgen Klauber.

Currently, Intensive-registers are, according to the Divi-still 258 Covid-19-patients in intensive medical treatment, almost half of this is ventilated (as of 28. July).

A total of more than 15 000 completed Covid-19-treatments have been recorded in the Register, a quarter of these patients died.


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Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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