Georgia Love Shares The Workout Routine She Swears By

When you’re struggling to rip the doona off and pound the pavement each dark and dreary morning, it helps to have a goal in mind. Even better? A charitable one.

That’s why Georgia Love is taking on Run Melbourne presented by lululemon, on Sunday 29 July. She’s raising money for the Pancare Foundation after losing her mum to pancreatic cancer 18 months ago. We spoke to the journalist and former Bachelorette about what inspired her to take on the challenge and how she’s preparing for the race.  

Have you always been a runner? What has inspired you to take on this challenge?

Definitely not! I’ve literally never run more than 1km in my life so I’m actually a bit terrified! But I was inspired to take part to raise money and awareness for a charity very close to my heart, and thought what better way to do so than really doing something that will challenge me.

What charity will you be supporting and why?

I’ll be supporting the Pancare Foundation. My mum passed away from pancreatic cancer 18 months ago so it is a cause extremely close to my heart. I don’t want anyone else to have to lose their loved ones to this insidious disease so I’m trying to do everything I can to help end it.

What does your training regime look like in the lead up?

I’ve been trying to get out for half an hour three times a week at the moment and slowly building up how far and fast I can run in that time. For beginners, half an hour is a good amount of time to be out without risking injury or exhaustion and that’s still the stage I am at! But as I’m noticing I’m improving and able to go further and for long, I’m also increasing the time I’m out and slowly working it up.

Most days start with some kind of exercise – I’m very much into F45 and pilates and try to box at least once a week too. And now of course I’ve added morning runs to that! I am better training/working out in the morning as I find I’m less likely to make excuses and not train! I just get up and go then i feel great for the rest of the day. But after my workout, my days vary. I work for Ten news so my work there is totally different every day. I also do hosting work on Studio 10, a lot of MC work and writing. I certainly don’t have a regular routine, let’s put it that way!

What does your day on a plate look usually look like?

I do always try to eat well and am conscious of what I’m putting in my body but I also don’t believe in denying myself of things I love!

Generally for breakfast I will have a big fruit and yoghurt smoothie or almond butter and banana on toast.

For lunch I’ll have a salad, a big delicious bowl of warm greens, quinoa and chicken or poké.

For dinner, I treat myself a bit more! I won’t go past a bowl of pasta or a chicken parma if I’m out at a restaurant, but if I’m home I like to cook up a stir fry or burrito bowl full of veggies.

What have you found helps with motivation to exercise?

Getting up and doing it first thing in the morning. I don’t allow myself to think up any excuses, I just get up and go before my mind wakes up and tries to talk me out of it! And I always know how much better I’ll feel after having exercised which is a huge motivator.

Any handy tips or tricks for making sure you stick to your training?

What I’ve been doing is using the MapMyRun app and screenshot-ting the results of my run every time and sending them to my boyfriend! It makes me feel accountable that I have someone else looking over how I’m doing and knowing if I’ve actually gone out and trained or not. This might not work for everyone but it certainly helps me feel accountable!

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