Effective training: These tips to maximize the afterburn effect

The Australian researchers prof David Cameron-Smith is busy in his studies, always with the biochemical processes in the Interplay between Training, nutrition and recovery.

Meanwhile, it is known that some forms of Workouts promote the so-called after-burn effect (afterburn effect).

Scientists call this EPOC (an acronym for “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption”).

By this effect the body burns calories even after the termination of the training – making it easier to Remove.

With the High Intensity Interval Training it works

This can be achieved particularly easily with a HIIT Workout. This short, but all the more intense, Exercises and short rest intervals are placed directly to each other.

Another example of interval training: Sprints, interrupted by a short Jog, again followed by Sprints and so on.

Within only ten to fifteen minutes of fat burning reaches its peak.

This type of training is associated with a high physical load. The subsequent need for recovery, therefore, is also large.

Regeneration under high energy expenditure

Who trained much, it has experienced certainly already: sometimes you sweat for hours after the Workout more. While this is somewhat troublesome, however, is enormously important.

The body cools itself through sweating itself down. Especially if he’s recovering from a strenuous workout such as a HIIT, and this is also an energy-sapping process.

Muscles, liver, heart, and immune system will need the Extra energy to, among other things, the Training produced lactic acid to reduce.

Therefore, when a Workout effort (increased production of lactic acid) and the amount of the afterburn effect (removal of lactic acid) are also in a direct ratio to each other: the harder the Training, the greater the EPOC, and thus the longer the time, burned more calories.

Experts believe that the afterburn effect can last up to 48 hours.

Recover-calories: How many Extra calories you burn

How many calories you burn thanks to the Afterburn effect, in addition, you must studies still investigating.

It is a share between six percent and fifteen percent of the calories that were burned during the Workout. Still not closer to well-known criteria that affect this number, however individually.

Known is only that the usual factors of Fitness, body fat percentage and gender the decision.

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So it increases the after-burn effect

In order to achieve a particularly large after-burn effect, the following things are crucial:

  • Go hard: As already stated, the measure of the during exercise energy expended is the energy consumption after the Training. High-Intensity-interval-training are, therefore, particularly useful when a high level of EPOC is the goal.
  • Full Body Exercises: The more muscles will be addressed, the more energy is consumed. Full body Exercises are, therefore, particularly effective for calorie burning.
  • Hydration: The supply of the body during and after Sport, with sufficient liquid not only helps the General health and well-being, but also favors the speed with which the lactic acid can degrade.
  • Sleep: As the recovery phase for the afterburn effect is crucial, it is suggested that sleep a large part of this has. Only when the body can recover well from Training, he is able to bring the next Workout back to peak performance.
  • Diet: the Same is true for the nutrient supply. The intensive training sessions, which lead to the high calories also need to be absorbed by the supply the body with proteins and complex carbohydrates.


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