Easier way to lose weight: 3 simple Tricks to develop healthy routines

Less sugar consume, the more often you meditate, or more eat fruits and vegetables – healthy habits can improve the quality of life significantly and help to achieve Fitness and health goals.

However, it is often not so easy, these healthy aspects of duration consistently in the life of incorporate. Too tempting for the fast, unhealthy temptations of everyday life sometimes appear.

The temptations are

All who are weak, need not despair, however. As a study shows, is not necessarily any more power needed to keep these healthy routines.

“Habits develop from what you are doing, and not the decisions or the opinion about things,” says Professor and author of ‘Good Habits, Bad Habits’, Wendy Wood, in an Interview with ‘Psychology Today’.

With three simple Tricks to healthier living

In their work, Wood describes three simple Tricks, healthy habits are easier in life:

1. A positive environment make

The place where you are staying, the people you surround yourself with, the activities you are performing – all of which impact on own behavior takes.

By adjusting these aspects of his environment on his goal, it is easier, a previously unfamiliar Routine in everyday life and to repeat on a regular basis.

If you want to, for example, have a habit of spending every day for a healthy lunch break away from the Desk, you can ask a colleague to make this time together outside of the office.

In addition, it can help to agree only to stores with healthy food access, and to refrain from unhealthy Snacks and Fast Food.

These arrangements exert a certain “pressure” on the personal actions and help, healthier habit.

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2. Actions repeat

By the Repeat of an action that solidifies this in the daily routine. Thus, it is easier to do it regularly, until it eventually found automatically in the daily Routine.

This means: A healthy habit is developed only if it is consistently followed.

So it is not enough to only eat a Portion of vegetables – you have to bring already to regularly cook healthy. Even if this appears at the beginning may be difficult, you will be rewarded with the regularity at some point.

Studies suggest that it may take six to nine months to be a habit to build up and to strengthen you on the inside available.

In this way, you can train yourself also, for example, on healthy Snacks back to access. During regular shopping of nutrient-Hiking, then, instead of crisps and co. more of nuts and delicious fruit rich in the cart.

This helps to a healthier life-style and also helps by the way, some to save calories.

3. Rewards for the motivation

Both the environment as well as the repetitions are necessary to the long-term healthy habits to maintain a majority.

In order not to lose, however on the way the Motivation, small “rewards” in between is crucial.

Thus, the habit formation really, you need to activate the reward center in the brain.

This is necessary so that the hormone is released dopamine and the healthy behavior associated. As a result, this experience is stored as a positive, and the probability, to repeat, is on the rise.

So if you want to exercise more, but not quite to the going to the gym can be motivating, it helps, a aspect that is a joy to work with in the Training.

For example, you can listen to a Podcast or watch Videos while you sweat on the elliptical. As long as you’re having fun, it is more likely that the new Routine becomes a habit.


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Cornelia Bertram

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